Yoga Meltdown

yogaYoga Meltdown is Jillian Michaels’ first yoga offering back in 2010. I bought it for my daughter and never actually did it myself–until now. I loved her Yoga Inferno, so I’ve been meaning to give this one a try for a while. Now that I’ve done it, I love it, too. And it also shows that Chalene Johnson isn’t as innovative as I thought. This is very similar to PiYo and yet was on the market years earlier. This isn’t just yoga–this is dynamic yoga, bodyweight training. Jillian puts you in yoga poses but you flow in and out of the deepest part of the pose for a short period of time before finally holding the pose for 15 seconds. You will work up a sweat and work your muscles. Excellent workouts. Anyone who comes to this workout expecting traditional yoga will be dissappointed, but I loved it.

Both workouts have two modifiers; one who shows easier versions of the each exercise and one that show an advanced version.

Level 1 is 36 minutes. This workout starts with a brief 2 minute warm up doing things such as raising arms over head and doing chair pose but done active/dynamic, flowing in and out of the poses, modified chataranga (on knees) and down dog (knees bent). The workout ends with 3:30 minute stretch that includes some basic stretches (staff stretch, spinal twist) but also pigeon. In this workout there are 3 circuits, each circuit contains 3 poses that are done twice. Each circuit ends with 2 Sun salutations. Each pose moves dynamically for a short period of time then you hold the pose for 15 seconds before moving to the next pose.

Circuit 1: 1. crescent, 2. 3 leg dog (bringing knee in to nose and back into 3 leg dog), 3. chataranga push ups (tricep push ups). Repeat all 3 poses.

Circuit 2: 1. warrior 2, 2. camel (alternate touching heels with opposite hands), 3. alternating side planks. Repeat all 3 poses.

Circuit 3: 1. warrior 3, 2. dolphin (in elbow plank, pressing tailbone to sky then back to elbow plank), 3. locust (laying on stomach with hands at sides; raise and lower shoulders/chest and legs).

Level 2 is 29 minutes. It begins with a 3 minute warm up consisting of 3 sun salutations and it ends with a 3 minute stretch that is the same as Level 1‘s stretch (staff stretch, spinal twist and pigeon). This workout consists of more advanced poses and includes some balance poses. In addition, between each circuit you get a different, active yoga pose (unlike Level 1 in which you do 2 sun salutations between each circuit). Just like in Level 1 you do 3 poses per circuit and repeat them. For each circuit you will flow in and out of the deepest level of the pose then hold the pose for 15 seconds. Another excellent active bodyweight workout

Circuit 1: 1. side angle; 2. revolving triangle; 3. half moon (bringing extended leg from planted foot to ceiling). Repeat all 3 poses. Flow in and out of chair pose.

Circuit 2: 1. leg extension with toe lock (bend and straighten extended leg); 2. revolved side angle; 3. goddess. Repeat all 3 poses. Crow–you will do it twice and hold it each time.

Circuit 3: 1. boat (start in half boat and alternate tapping toes to ground; hold full boat); 2. wild thing; 3. lay on back, hands behind head and legs straight; raise and lower legs then hold in a sort of banana. Repeat all 3 poses. Wheel or bridge; rep in and out of it, then hold.


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