MetaShred Extreme

Since I loved B.J. Gaddour's MetaShred 21, I was very excited when he announced the next level--MetaShred Extreme. My husband pre-ordered it for me as a birthday gift. I had already impulse purchased B.J.'s DeltFit Speed Shred and┬áthat has been sitting on my shelf for several months. The original plan was to do DeltaFit first, … Continue reading MetaShred Extreme

Meta Shred 21

Never has marketing sold me on a program as strongly as it has Meta Shred. I am familiar w/ BJ Gaddour from 10 Minute Torchers and though I liked him and his workouts, his name is not what sold me. I follow Men's Health on Facebook and the ad for┬áMeta Shred kept popping up. I … Continue reading Meta Shred 21