Fit Body by Julia: Full Body Supersets & Tabata HIIT

This is the 3rd Fit by Julia workout I have done. And wow. It was killer. Brutal and grueling but I wasn't counting the minutes like I was when I did No Equipment Crazy Cardio. This is a workout I could see myself returning to. It is long. 87:30 minutes of non-stop hard work. I … Continue reading Fit Body by Julia: Full Body Supersets & Tabata HIIT

JessicaSmithTV: Superset Sculpt

Superset Sculpt is yet another excellent workout from Jessica Smith. This is a total body strength workout. Jessica supsersets muscle groups and also does a combination of slow and fast tempo reps to really burn your muscles out. And because this is a circuit workout in which one set flows immediately into the next, your … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Superset Sculpt

Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Supersets

Edited 8/18/12 Cardio Supersets is part of Cathe’s Low Impact Series. I have had a lot of interest in Cathe’s Low Impact Series for a while, but have held off on purchasing any workouts in that series because a part of me thinks “low impact” equals low intensity. But since I’ve recently become obsessed with … Continue reading Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Supersets