Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body


Another excellent total body strength workout from Cathe. I prepped for this one! I did the DVD version of Push Pull on Tuesday. I love Push Pull, always have. It is not advanced but if you use heavy enough weights, you are getting an excellent and thorough total body workout. And in only 44 minutes. Cathe Live Push Pull Total Body is no different. An excellent and comprehensive total body workout in even less time than the DVD version! 40 minutes! Though it is based on the same concept (fast paced circuits; each exercise is followed immediately by an exercise that works the opposing muscle group) there are some different exercises. There are some of the same exercises, too, but she mixes it up in different ways. One way is tempo; the live version has more tempo variations (pulses/low ends/fast-slow) than the DVD version. And like the DVD version, if you lift heavy enough, you will get an excellent total body workout. I love both versions of this workout, but in some ways I like the live version better. Primarily because it is 40 minutes rather than 44 minutes. I know 4 minutes doesn’t seem like much, but it actually makes it easier to do a longer add on workout. I am currently streaming most of my add ons through YouTube and there are great 15 and 20 minute finisher workouts, but there are more 20 minute ones than 15 minute ones!

Due to the fact that I just did the Push Pull DVD two days ago, I went ahead and previewed and created my workout card for the Live version in advance. In the DVD you only do one set of every exercise, so I wanted to be using the best weights from the beginning. Now, in the Live version you actually do 2 sets of some of the exercises. But I had my workout card ready to go. Well, this workout moves so fast that sometimes I had a hard time checking my workout card to see what weights I needed! Have it close by while doing this workout and also look ahead. Maybe have the weights for the next few exercises nearby and accessible.

Push Pull Total Body is 41 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 3 minutes of core and 3 minute stretch. Equipment needed for this workout is a barbell, various dumbbells, a chair and a mat. I used my square high step at 14 inches rather than a chair (this is also what is used in the DVD version). It aired live on 4/02/15 and here is the video clip. Since I created my workout card in advance, the only weight I am listing below is the weight Cathe uses for each exercise.

  1. Barbell Squats (Cathe uses 45#)
  2. Barbell Deadlifts (Cathe uses 45#)
  3. Barbell plie squats (Cathe uses 45#)
  4. Barbell wide leg deadlifts (Cathe uses 45#)
  5. Static lunges (Cathe uses 15# DBs)
  6. Single leg deadlift (Cathe uses one 15# DB)
  7. Repeat 5 & 6 on other leg
  8. Barbell squats (Cathe uses 45#)
  9. Barbell deadlifts (Cathe uses 45#)
  10. Push ups
  11. Underhand bent over barbell rows (Cathe uses 45#)
  12. Chest flys w/ knees bent and raised (Cathe uses 15# DBs)
  13. Single arm rows (Cathe uses two 12# DBs held in one hand)
  14. Push ups to Supermans
  15. Upright rows (Cathe uses 15# DBs)
  16. Overhead shoulder press (Cathe uses 15# DBs)
  17. Front raise (Cathe uses one 15# DB)
  18. Rear delt flys (Cathe uses 12# DBs)
  19. Repeat 17 & 18
  20. Tricep dips off chair
  21. Barbell bicep curls (Cathe uses 30#)
  22. Seated overhead tricep extensions (Cathe uses 12# DBs)
  23. Seated supination bicep curls (Cathe uses 12# DBs)
  24. Repeat 22 & 23

Core (3 minutes):

  1. Full sit ups
  2. In elbow plank, step feet out and in
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 three more times (so you do this core superset 4x total)



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