Ripped with HIIT: Lift it Hit it Back, Biceps & Shoulders

For more information on Cathe's Ripped with HIIT program see the overview post. The way some of the workouts within the Ripped with HIIT series/program are titled is a little confusing to me. The one I am referring to in this post is Lift It Hit It: Back, Biceps & Shoulders. Within this series/program, you … Continue reading Ripped with HIIT: Lift it Hit it Back, Biceps & Shoulders

Xtrain Bi’s and Tri’s

Bi’s & Tri’s is a split series strength workout that is 46 minutes; 5 minute warm up, 36 minute training time and 4 minute stretch. This workout also includes Bonus Core #1, Bonus Core #2, 100 Rep Challenge Bicep Curls and 100 Rep Challenge Tricep extensions. The bonuses will be reviewed below, after the workout. … Continue reading Xtrain Bi’s and Tri’s

Cathe’s Push Pull

Push Pull is the second half of a Cathe multi-workout DVD. The other workout on this DVD is Supersets which has already been reviewed on this blog. It is interesting because Push Pull is actually a superset workout, too—opposing muscle group supersets, so it’s nice that they were combined on the same DVD. I really, … Continue reading Cathe’s Push Pull

Cathe’s High Reps

High Reps is another strength workout by Cathe. The focus of this one is muscle endurance. I really enjoyed this workout and found it surprisingly tough--tougher than I expected, actually. I was already pretty sore from Cathe’s Maximum Intensity Strength, so not sure if that had anything to do with how challenging I found High … Continue reading Cathe’s High Reps