Cathe Live: Jabs & Abs

#166 Jabs & Abs is an intense cardio boxing workout. There are no kicks in this workout but lots of punches, punch drills, punch combos and cardio bursts. I was working hard! FYI–this is not a low impact workout. At the end Cathe takes you to the mat for the core work and you immediately start with some plank based moves. I was struggling! Many of the other exercisers in Cathe’s class were also clearly struggling. However, I personally do not see the point of struggling to do a push up on my toes when I clearly cannot. When my shoulder is bothering me or I am worn out for whatever reason, I drop to my knees so I can complete a full push up with good form (spine straight from head to knees to heels–depending on whether you are on your knees or toes–and lowering until my nose nearly taps the floor, and continuing to keep my spine straight as I push back up). The push up form during this workout was the worst I’ve seen yet in a Cathe Live workout and I’ve witnessed some pretty bad form. Some were barely lowering an inch–so they were basically doing plank–and they still had poor form. I do not understand why they won’t drop to their knees? What’s wrong with modifying? Get the most out of your workout! If you have to modify to do that–then modify!

Anyway, off my soapbox. At about 25:30 you get a drink of water then go to the heavy bags for 6 minutes of heavy bag work. The heavy bag work consists of punch drills alternated with cardio bursts. The cardio bursts are things like air squats and fast feet with rapid punches. At about 32:00 you leave the heavy bags for more cardio boxing. The core work actually starts when you still have your boxing gloves on at 37:20. She has you doing plank work. Then around 37:53 she has you stand and you do a brief cool down before grabbing your mat to do a stretch then continue the core work.

You can do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads. Here is a video clip of this workout.

Jabs & Abs is 51 minutes; as is typical in many of Cathe’s live kickboxing workouts, I have no clue when the warm up ends, 11:30 minutes core work and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: boxing or weighted gloves, a fitness mat and a heavy bag if you have one; otherwise you can just shadow box with Cathe, which is what I did.

Core (11:30 minutes; starts at 37:20):

  1. In straight arm plank, tap one foot outside of same side hand, alternate sides
  2. Short break to set up mat; once mat is in place you do a flowing stretch move that includes some core work: plank to down dog back to plank then slowly lower (keeping body straight) body to mat and do a cobra
  3. Straight arm plank to elbow plank back to straight arm plank then tap one foot outside of same side hand, tap other foot outside of same side hand
  4. Push ups to 2/2 count
  5. In elbow plank, swim arms by circling one arm behind you then back to mat, alternating arms; changes to alternating knee taps to mat
  6. Elbow plank hold; side elbow plank hold
  7. In side elbow plank with top hand behind head, lower elbow toward floor tapping elbow to floor then raise back to start
  8. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, hands behind head with elbows out to side, in this position do basic crunches
  9. Full sit up with 2 jabs at top of sit up
  10. Basic crunch
  11. Slow bicycle maneuver; changes to fast bicycle manuever
  12. Still laying on back with hands behind head, raise bent legs and do pulsing crunches; changes to reverse crunches with head/neck/shoulders raised isometrically
  13. Basic crunches with feet on floor again
  14. Still on back, extend legs so they are only slightly bent and do full sit ups with rope climbing arms on the way up then “slide” down, keeping arms extended as if you are still holding a rope but letting it slide through your grasp as you lower
  15. V-ups (lay on one hip and elbow, legs are extended straight on an angle, top arm is straight, raise straight legs to meet hand then lower (hand taps feet at the top); changes to placing top hand behind head and bringing bent knees in and tapping elbow to bottom knee then extending legs out straight
  16. Sit on bottom with hands on mat behind hips and torso leaned back slightly, thrust feet in and out in this position; shift onto one hip and continue thrusting feet in and out

2 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Jabs & Abs

  1. This actually sounds great to me. I wish she would put some of these live workouts on dvd. I do have most of her DVDs but haven’t committed to Cathe live yet.

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