Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs


Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs is a great little cardio workout. I really enjoyed it. It starts out with cardio boxing. In fact, the first 22:30 minutes of the workout, including the warm up is cardio boxing. After the warm up it goes into Cathe‘s familiar boxing drills/combos alternated with more intense cardio blasts. The last half of the workout is leg conditioning alternated w/ plyometric HIITs. I would not classify this as true focused strength work for several reasons. First, there is not a lot of “strength” work. The strength workout is done with light weights and is fast-paced, so it is more of the metabolic weight training variety. So I would classify this, overall, as a metabolic cardio workout. I used the same weights as Cathe (10 and 12 pound dumbbells) so, for me, this was just a cardio workout. It’s also a pretty short workout–only 41:30 minutes and only 14 minutes of that is the plyo legs portion. This workout is perfect for add-ons. The first time I did this I followed it up with a long stretch (Total Body Stretching) because I really felt like that was what I needed today. However, in the future, the perfect add on would be the bonus leg workouts from Hammer & Chisel: Leg Hammer and Glute Chisel. They are both 18 minutes long and just continue on with the metabolic leg conditioning. That is how I will probably finish this workout off in the future.

Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs is 41:30 minutes long; 8:30 minute warm up, 22:30 minutes cardio boxing (including warm up), 14 minutes of plyo legs, 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. Aired Live on 4/07/16 and here is the video clip. Equipment needed: boxing gloves and 10 and 12 pound dumbbells. I used 2 pound weighted gloves.

Plyo Legs:

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Lateral/side walking plie squats, 4 to each side, then pulsing plie squats, ends w/ more walking lateral plie squats; 10# DBs
  3. Popsquats, 2 sets
  4. Squats alternated w/ squats w/ overhead press; you will alternate sets of each 3x; 10# DBs
  5. 4 jacks + 4 air jacks, repeat 4x; 2 sets
  6. Plie squats setting DBs on ground then picking them up, alternated w/ pulsing plies; alternate sets of each 3x; 12# DBs
  7. Power scissors (alternating plyo jump lunges)
  8. Scissor, scissor, wide tuck (2 alternating jump lunges, jump squat + tuck jump)
  9. Static pulsing lunges–15 pulses, 7 pulses, 3 pulses, and alternating single reverse lunges; 12# DBs
  10. Dynamic squat abduction (alternate squatting and lifting leg to side, very brisk pace)





9 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs

  1. Thank you from me too. I find your reviews really useful, I mostly workout with Cathe Live and it’s such a help to read about the workouts first.


  2. So glad you’re back to reviewing Cathe Lives. I check your reviews when figuring out which I want to do. Thanks for writing these.


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