Cathe Live: Fantastic Elastic

#322 Fantastic Elastic is a Cathe Live strength workout using only resistance bands. Cathe created this workout right after she start selling fitness equipment through her site again. Now you can get all strengths of resistance bands, stability balls and yoga mats. I ordered all of it except the yoga mats. So I was excited to try this workout. At the beginning of the workout Cathe says this is a lighter strength day workout, but it is more than a recovery workout. She says it is a good travel workout, which is why I was interested in it. I have a long vacation planned this summer (if COVID-19 allows, that is…) and this and a few other resistance band and body weight workouts will help me through it. For this workout Cathe is using the lightest resistance band and the medium resistance loop. Surprisingly, I found the light resistance band to be the perfect resistance for me for just about every exercise that used it but I could have used one of the stronger loops for many of the exercises. I really enjoyed this workout. It is a solid total body strength workout. As Cathe said, this is more of a maintenance workout, not a strength builder but that is all that is needed for vacation purposes. It is also metabolic. I burned 277 calories. She has jumping jacks at the beginning but she also shows low impact modifications, which is obviously what you need if you are in a hotel room–or where I will be (in an upstairs room of my daughter’s house).

#322 Fantastic Elastic is 46:30 minutes; 6 minute warm up (#1-3 are part of the warm up) and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: light tension resistance band with handles, medium tension resistance loop and a fitness mat. If you are using Cathe’s equipment, that is the red resistance band and the green resistance loop.

  1. Stand on resistance band and do alternating bicep curls
  2. Still standing on band, straight arm side raises, pulse 3x at top
  3. Still standing on the band, hinge forward and do tricep kickbacks
  4. Put loop around ankles and do little hops; tap one leg out to side 4x while pushing arms overhead, alternate sides; changes to tapping one leg behind you 4x while still pushing arms overhead, alternate sides
  5. Jumping jacks (loop still around ankles) (Cathe shows a low impact modification)
  6. Repeat #4 & 5
  7. (remove loop) Stand on resistance band with one foot, step out squat with bicep curls alternated with curtsy lunge with upright row
  8. Still standing on resistance band with one foot, split stance (band is under back leg), do 4 standing chest flys + one bicep curl into overhead press + 3 overhead tricep extensions
  9. Still standing on band with one foot, reverse lunge with straight arm front raise + straight arm side raise, alternate these two exercises
  10. Put loop around ankles, hold band in both hands with about a foot of band between hands, palms facing the ceiling, alternating side step outs while pulling on band each time you step; march in place while pulse/pulling band out quickly; alternating side step outs (no upper body work); extend arms straight in front of you, still holding the band but palms are facing floor, do straight arm chest flys with each step
  11. Hold both handles in one hand and grip doubled band in other hand, arm with handles is extended straight to side and held isometrically throughout, do a side lunge to the back while hand hold bands pulls back bow and arrow-fashion
  12. Put loop around both wrists, arms are extended in front of you with elbows bent and arms held far enough apart so there is constant tension on the band, do alternating front lunges, while in lunge, rotate arms/torso toward front leg
  13. Stand on band under one foot and both handles in same side hand, do 2 bicep curls + 2 wide bicep curls + 4 cross curls while also doing side lunges (cross curl=bicep curl to the side, across to other side of body); changes to 1 bicep curl + 1 wide curl + 2 cross curls with side lunges
  14. Stir the fudge (stand on band with one foot, hold handles together, sides of handles in each hand, stand with legs wide and shift lunge side to side while doing large stirring motions with hands/band)
  15. Put loop around one ankle and the sole of the other foot, tube is folded in half, hold tubes in one hand just below the handles and pressed against one shoulder, hold tubes with other hand about a foot below the other hand, pull down on tube to work the triceps; lift and lower foot with loop around sole; do both the arm and the leg movement at the same time
  16. Seated T band pulls (sit on floor, loop band around feet and cross them, a handle in each hand, open straight arms out to sides in a T; add rolling down while doing a bicep curl then do a sit up with a T band pull at the top of the sit up
  17. Still sitting on mat, extend one leg straight, other leg is bent with sole of foot against inner thigh, tube is looped around the foot of extended leg, still holding a handle in each hand, keep opposite arm straight and pull tube out to side while also twisting torso and looking over shoulder (hold other handle to floor beside hip)
  18. Put loop around toes of shoes, lay on back and do bicycle maneuver
  19. Put loop around ankles, in straight arm plank, alternate tapping toes out to sides
  20. Push ups
  21. Repeat #19 & 20
  22. Bring loop up around thighs, lay on one hip and elbow, knees are bent and soles of feet together, lift and lower top knee, keeping soles of feet together (clam shells)
  23. Same starting position as #22, raise and lower hips, when raising hips, raise top leg
  24. Repeat #22 & 23 on other side of body
  25. (remove loop) Lay on side/one hip and elbow with band looped around bottom foot, hold both handles in bottom hand, top leg is bent and foot is securing band to floor, raise and lower bottom leg

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