Cathe Live: Muscle Max with Step

muscleMaxWithStepAs I mentioned in my review of Cathe Live Muscle Max (no step), I prepped for these two live workouts by doing the DVD version of Muscle Max first. This workout caught me by surprise–Cathe did this live just last week. But I managed to rearrange my rotation and make it fit! Muscle Max DVD workout is a very tough total body strength workout–especially when you are really challenging yourself weight-wise. I created the workout cards for these two live workouts in advance and used the same weights I used in the DVD version for same/similar exercises. In Muscle Max (no step) I had a lot of “up” arrows–so, in order to be challenged with that workout, I will need to lift heavier weights in the future. That was not the case in this live workout. I only had one up arrow on my whole workout card and I lowered the weight on my barbell for one other exercise. So, this workout is more comparable to the DVD version. It’s shorter than the DVD version (60 minutes whereas the DVD version is 68 minutes) and in this one the core section is more advanced than it was in Muscle Max Live (no step)–again, making it more comparable to the DVD version which has a very advanced core segment. Oh–and this one uses the step, just like the DVD version. Overall it is an excellent total body workout. They all are–the DVD version and both live versions.

Muscle Max with Step is 60 minutes long w/ 6 minute warm up, 7:30 minutes core and 3 minute stretch. Equipment needed: step @ 8 inches, barbell with enough plates for deadlifts, various dumbbells and a mat. It aired live on 8/04/16 and here is the video clip. Since I created my workout card in advance, the only weights listed below are the weights Cathe used in this workout. For most of the exercises, I didn’t list reps. Cathe does a lot of tempo changes in this workout–2/2 counts, 3/1, 1/3, 4/4–partial reps, pulses, etc.

  1. Squats (35# BB)
  2. Uneven squats (squats off side of step) (one 15# DB)
  3. Reverse lunges off step (12# DBs)
  4. Overhead press, 2 sets (30# BB)
  5. Overhead tricep extensions, 3 sets of 4 reps (2/2 count) (12# DBs)
  6. Reverse delt flys, 3 sets of 10 reps (12# DBs)
  7. Elevated lunges (one foot behind you on step) (12# DBs)
  8. Plie squats (35# BB)
  9. Side lunge (one 15# DB)
  10. Bicep curls (25# BB)
  11. Tricep dips on step w/ BB on hips, 3 sets (25# BB)
  12. Pull overs (15# DBs)
  13. Deadlifts (40# BB)
  14. Wide deadlifts (40# BB)
  15. Narrow deadlifts (40# BB)
  16. Leg press (reverse lunges on step), 2 sets (12# DBs)
  17. Alternating diagonal lunges (10# DBs)
  18. Bicep curls (25# BB)
  19. Lying overhead tricep press (25# BB)
  20. Chest flys (15# DBs)
  21. Push ups
  22. Underhand grip deadrows, 2 sets (35# BB)
  23. Straight arm side shoulder raises; 2 sets, but second set is high end pulses (5# DBs)


  1. Soldier walk on step (in plank, w/ hands on step and feet on floor, alternate raising one arm and opposite leg)
  2. Full crunch, bringing knees to DB and pressing arms/DB overhead and legs out straight (one 8# DB)
  3. Reverse crunch w/ legs straight up in the air
  4. Leg chasers (bicycle legs while doing a crunch w/ upper body)
  5. W/ knees bent and feet raised off ground, reach hands toward feet and pulse
  6. Repeat 4 & 5
  7. Jack knifes (rest on one hip and same side elbow; raise straight legs and top arm, touching hands to toes)
  8. Side elbow plank hip raises
  9. Hold in side plank and raise top leg and hold
  10. Still in side elbow plank with top hand behind head, bring elbow to floor and raise
  11. Repeat 7, 8, 9 & 10 on other side of body






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