Cathe Live: Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing

Hi-Lo-Cardio-Kickboxing-2-19-15-thumbnailHi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing is another great cardio workout from Cathe. But it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. When I see “Hi-Lo” I am anticipating an interval type workout where we alternate between low impact and high impact moves–maybe even some HIIT level work. That’s not the way this workout plays out. The first 20 minutes is low impact boxing then the last 20 minutes kicks it up. There is no true “plyometrics” but the workout becomes higher impact and she incorporates kicks.

It’s a great workout and I really enjoyed it. Not the most intense workout I’ve ever done but it is a solid cardio workout. Because it is cardio/kickboxing I am not going to do a break down. All you need is some boxing gloves. I used my 2 pound weighted gloves. For a 41 minute workout I burned 300 calories. So not too bad!

Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing is 41 minutes; the first 20 minutes (including warm up, however, long that is) is low impact boxing, the final 20 minutes kicks things up a notch w/ kicks and cardio blasts. Cool down/stretch is 3:30 minutes. It aired live on 2/19/15; here is the video clip. As noted above, I have no idea how long the warm up is, or even if there is one since the workout starts w/ the low impact boxing. If there is a warm up it blends seamlessly into the workout.


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