Cathe Live: In the Ring

#243 In the Ring is another fun cardio kickboxing class from Cathe Live. I always enjoy Cathe‘s cardio kickboxing workouts and this one is no exception. It is shorter than most (only 41 minutes) but it is intense. It is a high impact workout and no modifications are shown–not by Cathe and I did not notice any class members doing much modifying, either. So you’re on your own if you need low impact, but I think it would probably be pretty easy to modify if you are familiar with basic low impact modifications. Since it was so short I finished this workout off with a long stretch by Heather Robertson.

The structure of the class doesn’t differ much from Cathe’s other cardio kickboxing classes. Some basic kickboxing combos alternated with cardio blasts or punch drills. At around the 17 minute mark you go to the heavy bags for 7 minutes. Some of the exercisers are shadow boxing with Cathe. The heavy bag work starts with intervals of fast feet with fast punches then you do punch drills. At the 23 minute mark Cathe has you get a drink of water then return to the bags for more punch drills alternated with the intervals of fast feet/fast punches. At the 24:30 minute mark you return to the floor for more cardio kickboxing. The remainder of the class Cathe kicks it up a notch and it becomes a bit more intense.

In the Ring is 41 minutes; 7 minute warm up (I think–it’s sometimes hard to tell when the warm up ends in Cathe’s kickboxing workouts) and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: boxing gloves to increase intensity (I wore weighted gloves). You can do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads. Here is a video clip of this workout.


3 thoughts on “Cathe Live: In the Ring

  1. I just want to comment how much I’ve enjoyed your thorough reviews over the years! I really missed your Cathe posts when you were doing some lighter workouts throughout your medical “journey” for lack of better words! I’ve often wondered how you were doing, but since you’re starting to do Cathe’s workouts again I hope that’s a good sign!!! I think your descriptions are SPOT-ON and SUPER helpful to me! Anyways, thank you so much and I hope you continue to post! (Especially Cathe & Cathe Live🙏🙌)…BTW, you also introduced me to Fit Body by Julia, and that lady is tough as nails🥵!!!
    Anyways, continued prayers to good health sent your way and keep exercising!!!


    1. Thanks Carie! I am doing great. I don’t know if I will ever be as strong as I was pre-treatment but I that has more to do with motivation. I love working out and I am feeling great but I am not as driven to lift heavier like I used to be. I am motivated to challenge myself, so I am increasing the weights I lift in that aspect, but I used to care more about really lifting super heavy. Does that make sense? I had planned to return to STS but now I don’t know if the end result of STS is even a goal I care about anymore. I am more focused on enjoying my workouts. Which is why I have not been inclined to return to Fit Body by Julia! I remember how brutal her workouts were! I loved them then but I am not so sure I still would. However, I am a fan of PHA workouts, so I have thought about returning to her PHA workouts. I think I might still enjoy those.


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