Cathe Live: Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core

boxinghiitblastsandcore-8-11-16Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core is an intense little live cardio workout! I really enjoyed it. Though it contains a lot of familiar Cathe moves, I feel like in this workout, she put things together differently. Hard to explain but it did feel different. The cardio boxing was intense, the HIIT was intense and I definitely felt the core work burning out my abs. However, I did not feel this was one of Cathe’s killer intense workouts. It was intense, I got an excellent workout, but I wasn’t drained or wasted afterward. Just the right amount of intensity.

The cardio boxing is set up in normal Cathe fashion–boxing combos or drills alternated w/ cardio blasts. Some of the blasts are pretty intense–I thought I was already in the HIIT blast portion! Since the workout starts with cardio boxing, I don’t know when the warm up ended and the workout began–but the first 21 minutes of the workout is cardio boxing. And like I mentioned before, though none of it was new punching drills or blasts, I felt like she put it together differently, making it feel fresh and fun. Then you take off your gloves for 13 minutes of HIIT blasts. These are done pretty cool, too. She does them in pairs–a high impact/plyo HIIT coupled with a low impact HIIT. There are 6 pairs or 12 HIITs. You do a quick 1:30 minute cool down and stretch, then get your mats out for some core work. She works your entire core–front, sides and back. I have been doing a lot of core work this week, so my core was protesting pretty early on!

Overall another excellent Cathe Live to add to my cardio days!

Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core is 48 minutes long; 21 minutes of cardio boxing including warm up; 13 minutes HIIT, 1:30 cool down/stretch, 9:30 minutes of core, and 1:30 minute stretch. All you need for this workout is boxing gloves and a mat. I just used my 2 pound weighted gloves.  It aired live on 8/11/16 and here is the video clip.

HIIT Blasts:

  1. Grape vine + 6 plyo jump lunges
  2. Squat digs
  3. Plyo jacks
  4. Touch down jacks (squat jumps touching floor w/ finger tips) + 2 jump ropes
  5. 4 jacks +  4 air jacks
  6. Fred Alastairs
  7. Front back quarter turn squat jumps, alternate sides
  8. Long reaching lunges
  9. Snowboarders
  10. 3 ice breakers + 1 attack (jump lunge to side w/ elbow slam)
  11. 3 wide traveling squat jumps forward, jump to turn around, and keep repeating
  12. Puddle jumpers


  1. Pulsing crunches
  2. Rope climb sit ups
  3. Crunches w/ knees bent and raised
  4. L crunch (lay on back with one leg raised straight to ceiling, the other extended straight and a few inches off the floor; pulse hands toward thighs once, then twice, then 3x, then 4x)
  5. Laying on back, hands behind head, knees bent, ankles crossed and raised, reverse crunches
  6. Full reverse crunches (hip raises, legs straight, lifting feet to ceiling)
  7. Leg chasers (bicycle legs while doing crunches as knees come in)
  8. Knees bent and twisted to side w/ back/shoulders flat; do crunches in this position; this changes to pulsing raises in this position
  9. Basic crunches
  10. Butterfly sit ups (legs in butterfly position, do a full sit up)
  11. Side V ups (legs only)
  12. Hold elbow plank
  13. In straight arm plank, bring knee to same side elbow on outside of body, 8x each side
  14. Supermans



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