Cathe Live: Athletic Training

athleticTrainingLive-2-11-16Yet another Cathe Live I was pretty excited about since the DVD Athletic Training is an awesome workout and one of my favorites. When done right, the beauty of the Cathe Live workouts that are based on her DVD workouts is that they are similar enough to retain the spirit of what you love about the DVD workout, but different enough to give you something fresh so you don’t feel as if you are doing the same exact thing. Cathe succeeded again with Athletic Training Live. I loved it! And I prepped for it, too. I did the DVD Athletic Training on Thursday and this morning I did Athletic Training Live. I wanted to have it fresh in mind for comparisons sake. BTW–it’s been a while since I did the DVD version and I had forgotten how challenging and awesome it is. Tough workout! Then Friday I did R.I.P.P.E.D. which was a big surprise (how much I enjoyed it) and by yesterday evening, my lats were screaming. Not sure which workout did it, or if it was a combination of both since they both hit my lats, but I was suffering. I woke up this morning, still in pain, and decided that I would be conservative on the weights this morning! So, that leads me to some notes on the breakdown below. I will eventually be creating a workout card for this workout. I will be noting what weight Cathe used and what weight I will use in the future. I pretty much used the same weight as Cathe for every exercise this morning–and with the DOMS I was (and still am) suffering, that was plenty.

Athletic Training Live is 48 minutes long; 7 minute warm up on the step and 2:30 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment needed: step at 8 inches (2 risers on each side) + 2 extra risers, dumbbells (5, 8 & 10 pounds), firewalker loop, resistance tube w/ handles and mat. This workout aired live on 2/11/16 and here is the video clip. Athletic Training Live starts out the same as the DVD version (after the warm up that is; the warm up is different). It begins with some intense (but low impact) cardio stepping that burns your legs out then moves on to weighted, compound metabolic strength work that continues to burn out your lower body. The very first part of Athletic Training Live is identical to the DVD version, but after that it starts becoming it’s own workout–still the same spirit as the DVD version, but it mixes the moves up differently and adds some all new ones. In the breakdown below #1-11 are identical to what is on the DVD version (and that includes the lack of rest/water breaks!), but after that there are new exercises mixed with some of the exercises that are on the DVD–and obviously (since the Live version is shorter than the DVD version) a lot of the DVD exercises are not included.

You start w/ the step at 8 inches.

  1. 32 pump presses on corner of step; repeat on other leg
  2. 32 low lunges straddling step; repeat facing opposite direction
  3. 16 running mans on corner of step
  4. 8 step knee down touches
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 on other leg
  6. 28 air squats
  7. Repeat 1-6 starting on other lead leg
  8. add the two extra riser so the step is now at 10 inches; holding one 10# DB in both hands, do uneven squats (pulse squat 2x then cross over to other side of step and pulse squat); I’ll use 12# DB in the future
  9. Overhead squat presses (squat w/ one foot on step, step onto step w/ overhead press (10# DB still in both hands), step down and squat w/ other foot on step); I’ll use 12# DB in the future
  10. With one foot on step and opposite hand holding 8# DB, abduct leg on on step while doing an upright row; I’ll use 12# DB in the future
  11. Repeat 8-10 on other leg
  12. Side lunges w/ leg abduction at top and overhead snatch; Cathe used 5# DBs, I’ll use 10# DBs in the future
  13. Knee lifts w/ side lateral raises (one foot on the step); 5# DBs
  14. 4 squats + 3 rear delt flies; 10# DBs
  15. Squat w/ side leg abduction while doing one arm front raise (one foot on the step); 8# DBs
  16. Plie squats w/ hammer curls; 10# DBs; in the future I’ll use 12# DBs
  17. Hammer curls w/ knee raises; 10# DBs; in the future I’ll use 12# DBs
  18. Bicep curls w/ tubing and 5# DBs
  19. Static lunges w/ double arm overhead tricep extensions; 8# DBs
  20. Bent over straight arm tricep presses w/ band
  21. Bent over tricep kickbacks w/ band
  22. Fold band in half and hold in one hand right under handles; bring handles to opposite shoulder and hold there; grab the middle of the band w/ other hand and push band down
  23. Put firewalker on ankles and hold other band in the middle about 12 inches between hands (palms facing ceiling); first just do fast pulls on the band then it changes to stepping to the side while pulling band in time with steps then you just step (no arm work) then do wide steps with side pulls on band (like a chest fly, this time palms face down when gripping band), it ends with the pulls while stepping to the side w/ palms facing ceiling again
  24. Fold band like you did in #22 but this time you will do a side lunge to the back while doing bow and arrow arms and pulling on the band (so you are facing the side, front arm is straight, back leg side lunges and back arm pulls band back)
  25. Chest fly and pull over combo while lying on bench; you will add bicycle legs; 10# DBs, in the future I will use 15# DBs
  26. 7 & 7 combo (7 plank walks + 7 push ups); firewalker is around ankles and walking means while in elbow plank step feet out then in
  27. Butterfly sit ups
  28. Supermans w/ firewalker around ankles and holding band; with arms and legs raised, open and close them both while pulling on band; this changes to raising and lowering torso and feet (no longer holding the band, but firewalker is still around ankles)

2 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Athletic Training

  1. I love your blog and have been reading it for a few years, but this is my first comment. 🙂 If you loved that Cathe Live, you should also try Low Impact Cardio and Step Live as it’s also in the same vein as Athletic Training.


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