Cathe Live: Power Step

powerStep-12-3-15Power Step is a great cardio step workout. I always approach Cathe‘s step workouts with caution since her choreography can get complex, but this one is perfect. It is intense, the choreography is not complicated and if you have done Cathe’s step workouts before (which I have), then you are familiar with every step/combo she uses. And tho it is intense, it also has the Live aspect–water breaks that you rarely get during DVDs and actually almost never get during her step cardio workouts. I like to have a moment to wipe the sweat out of my eyes and get a drink.

Because this a pure cardio workout, this review will be short. I am not going to break down everything, just give an overview. However, I loved this workout. It is short and intense w/out being killer. A winner!

Power Step is 39 minutes long; warm up is 6 minutes long and cool down/stretch is 3 minutes long. You start w/ your step at 6 inches for the warm up, then add risers to bring it to 8 inches for the workout. Some of the steps you will see in this workout are power 7s, power 15s, V steps, uneven squats, squat pendulums, step knee touch downs, over-the-tops length-wise, up jacks, around the world, shuffle shuffle drop, jumping jacks, hip-hop repeaters, salutes, and much, much more. Power Step aired live on 12/03/15; here is the live clip.


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