Cathe Live: Cross Train Lower Body

crossTrainLowerBodyLive-5-14-151Wow–this was a more intense Cathe Live workout than I expected. For some reason I did not expect this to be so cardio intensive (even tho she says there is cardio in the workout description on her forum). It is strength + cardio and it is also contrast training. Overall more challenging than I expected. That is a good thing! It was intense, fun and varied. I’m actually not positive where the warm up ends and the workout begins but I have an idea, so I will guesstimate below. The warm up starts very low key then about halfway in you grab the stability ball and it stays low key, then Cathe kicks it up, still using the stability ball, so here is where I thought we were still in the warm up but now I believe she actually transitioned us into the workout. So it starts with stability ball strength then cardio w/ the stability ball. Then you set the ball aside and do strength + cardio w/ dumbbells. This workout is very metabolic. Then you grab the chair for barre work but even then you are still alternating barre strength work w/ plyometrics! The workout ends w/ stability ball abs then you stretch out with the stability ball. Excellent workout. Also, I am pretty sure Cathe worked each leg evenly. I didn’t always keep track but when I did she was working each side evenly and even when I didn’t, it seemed like she was.

Cross Train Lower Body is 58 minutes long w/ a 7 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. The stability ball abs segment is 6 minutes. It aired live 5/14/15; here is the video clip. Equipment needed: stability ball, chair and various dumbbells. Cathe uses 12s and 15s and I found those appropriate.

  1. Alternating front lunges w/ stability ball; first bring ball to same side as front leg then it changes to rows/figure 8s w/ ball
  2. Jog in place while dribbling ball
  3. Hold ball and pendulum feet; raise ball overhead while continuing to pendulum
  4. Jog in place while tossing ball into air
  5. Jump w/ legs wide while also slamming ball down
  6. Repeat #2-5 two more times (for a total of 3 rounds); set ball aside
  7. Squats into overhead press w/ one 15# DB
  8. Squats w/ two 15# DBs; will do sometimes 7, sometimes 8 reps, each time facing a different direction–so front, side, back, side, front
  9. Lateral plie walks w/ two 12# DBs (4 steps to each side)
  10. Squat kicks w/ no DBs
  11. 8 Lateral Burpees (legs shoot out to side; alternate sides)
  12. Repeat 10 & 11
  13. Pulsing plie squats w/ overhead press (hold two 12# DBs under chin, pulse 3x, straighten legs and do overhead press, lower back into squat and pulse 3x then bring feet together and repeat on other side)
  14. Side lunge into a curtsy lunge, no DBs
  15. Lateral skates
  16. Repeat 14 & 15 on other side of body
  17. Pulsing static lunge w/ one 12# DB (pulse 7x w/ DB hanging low then pulse 7x w/ DB overhead; repeat this sequence 4x)–do this 2x on each side of body
  18. Hover squats w/ one 15# DB (pulse 15x; repeat 4x total)
  19. Single leg deadlift w/ one 15# DB
  20. Repeat 18 & 19 on other side of body
  21. Plie squat to side w/ one 12# DB at shoulder, pivot to front while pressing DB overhead; 16 reps
  22. Marching sumo squats holding one 15# DB; as you march, stay low in a squat and you will slowly march in a circle
  23. Repeat 21 & 22 on other side of body
  24. Put your chair beside you, one hand on chair, feet close together; raise on toes, squat and pulse
  25. Face chair and do plie squat jumps
  26. Repeat #24 except heels are together, toes and knees out while pulsing
  27. Split jumps (static jump lunges)
  28. Heel raises
  29. Pulsing standing hydrants, leg behind you (do both legs before moving on)
  30. Repeat #29 but this time hydrant leg is to the side of your body rather than behind you (do both legs before moving on)

Set chair aside and grab mat and stability ball for stability ball abs

  1. Lay flat on back, legs straight, holding ball overhead; full sit ups bringing ball to feet
  2. Continue full sit ups but now you alternate raising one leg and tapping ball to foot of raised leg
  3. Start in same position as 1 & 2 but when you come up you flutter the legs (do not touch ball to feet, just raise torso/arms/ball) and lower back down
  4. Banana holds, still holding ball overhead (hold for 8 counts each time)
  5. Full sit ups but this time alternate tapping ball to side of body
  6. Get into plank w/ feet/shins on ball and do plank roll ins
  7. Repeat #6 except you come up into a pike when you roll in (so legs remain straight, body an inverted V)
  8. Hold boat pose w/ ball resting on shins for 8 counts then toss ball up and catch w/ hands

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