Cathe Live: Mish Mosh Legs

mishMoshLegs-10-29-15Another great Live workout from Cathe. This one is just what it says–50 minutes of lower body work. Cathe works primarily the glutes, hamstrings and quads, and she tries to work them in a variety of angles w/ dumbbells and firewalkers. I really enjoyed the diversity of this workout. Lots of fun and worked my lower body very well.

Mish Mosh Legs is 50 minutes long; 10:30 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Recommended equipment: 8-15 pound dumbbells, a firewalker loop and a mat. I also used 20 pound dumbbells and I used both my blue and my green firewalker loop. Cathe never used the 8# DB, so it isn’t really needed unless you need a lighter weight. Same with the 12# DB–never used. I will have my 12# DBs handy in the future tho and use them instead of the 10# DB for most exercises. This workout aired live 10/29/15. Here is the video clip Cathe posted for this workout.


  1. Squat w/ overhead press using one 10# DB (I will use 12# DB in the future);
  2. Pulsing static lunge (pulse 7 counts), pulsing squat (7 counts), pulsing static lunge other leg, pulsing squat; keep alternating, still holding one 10# DB (I will use 12 or 15# DB in the future);
  3. Still holding one 10# DB, squat and hold squat and step out 3 times to side, never coming out of squat position; alternate sides (I will use 12 or 15# DB in the future);
  4. (No DBs) Wide squat and pulse 4x, pivot to side into static lunge and pulse 4x, back to front squat and pulse 4x, pivot to other side into lunge and pulse 4x; keep alternating then it changes–instead of pulsing you do small hops;
  5. Curtsy lunges w/ one 15# DB; first you will pulse 15x, then pulse 7x, then pulse 3x, then singles;
  6. Put firewalker around ankles and grab heavy DB (Cathe used 15# DB, I used 20# DB); first do deadlifts, then keep one ankle in band but slide the other out so band is across bottom of foot and press foot back, then point toe and lift foot up; do deadlifts again then the band work on the other leg–you do a lot more reps on the second side then you do on the first side (Cathe used green firewalker, I used blue firewalker);
  7. Walking lunges w/ 10# DB–3 walking lunges (for each lunge pulse 3x), pivot into plie and pulse 3x;
  8. 4 Lateral plie walks to each side holding 10# DB under chin;
  9. Static reverse lunges w/ one 15# DB, first pulse 24x each side, then 16x then 7x;
  10. Hover squats w/ one 15# DB, pulse 15x and repeat 4x, then do one leg deadlifts (Cathe used 15# DB and I used 20# DB); repeat hover squats then do one leg deadlifts on other leg;
  11. Put firewalker around ankles and walk 4 steps to side and 4 steps back, continue this then it changes slightly–squat while side stepping (Cathe uses green firewalker, I used blue firewalker);
  12. Lay on your back on your mat and place firewalker around ankles, raise straight legs to ceiling; open legs and pulse to count of 3 (green firewalker);
  13. Keep firewalker around ankles, get on all 4s and cross ankles then raise top bent leg behind you to hip level and pulse; 32 pulses, 16 pulses, 16 pulses (small rest between each pulsing set);
  14. Keep firewalker around ankles and come to elbow plank; step feet out and in fast then slow;
  15. Grab one heavy DB (I grabbed my 20# DB), lay on back and bring DB close to bottom; place one heel on bar of DB and raise one heel to ceiling, lift hips and pulse (she says you are doing 64 each side, but I am pretty sure we did more on the second side than we did on the first).



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