Cathe Live: Legs on Fire

legsonfire-10-27-16Legs on Fire is another excellent and tough Cathe Live lower body workout. I really loved this one. However, I had some challenges with this one. I tried to do this workout several times and it kept freezing on me–on different days too. Buffering issues. I was able to do other Cathe Live workouts but not this one. Even this morning when I was finally able to complete it, it froze (pinwheeling) for a solid minute about 2/3 of the way into the workout. Luckily, it unfroze but this was the first time it “unstuck” and let me finish the workout. The previous times I tried it, it pinwheeled endlessly and even when I would restart it and try to go back to where it stuck, it would freeze in the exact same place and just pinwheel endlessly. Very frustrating. Especially since I love it so much. And like I said, I have been doing Cathe Live workouts all week with zero problem–yet this one has problems every single time. Seems to me there is something wrong with this specific workout–not my system. Oh well–guess I’ll have to deal with it because if I can get past the problems, this one is definitely worth doing.

This is a strength + cardio workout that ends w/ stability ball work. And your legs will be on fire! I was a little worried in the beginning. Yesterday I did Ripped with HIIT: Upper Body Circuit–so lots of plyometrics. Then I was on my feet all day yesterday, so this morning my feet were a little cranky (metal heels). Plus it’s cold so they were a little slow in warming up. Then the cardio jumping started and I got worried. I did not want HIIT today! I did HIIT yesterday plus–my feet! But no worries. None of the cardio blasts in this workout are HIIT level intensity and many of them are low impact. So I was very happy. But it did the job of keeping the intensity of this workout high. The structure is a heavy strength move, a cardio blast and a metabolic strength move. So the first, standing part of the workout, is done in that structure. There are 6 of these trisets. She keeps the workout moving at a pretty fast pace, so you are getting good cardio work with your strength work. Even the warm up is very metabolic. Cathe ends the workout by frying your legs with ball work. In fact, at the beginning of the ball work, it kind of looked like she was hurting too! Overall, an excellent workout.

Legs on Fire is 49 minutes long; 9 minute warm up, 29 minutes cardio + strength, 8:30 minutes stability ball work and 2:30 minute stretch. Equipment needed: barbell at 40 pounds; 10, 12 and 15 pound dumbbells, a sliding device, a stability ball and a fitness mat. Cathe used 40 pounds on her barbell for all of the barbell work, but I need a more varied variety of weights. So I had 3 barbells set up–one at 40 pounds, one at 50 pounds and one at 70 pounds. The mat is used as a marker for the cardio work and also for the stability ball work at the end. It aired live on 10/27/16 and here is the video clip.

Standing Legs:

  1. Squats (Cathe used 40# BB, I used 50# BB)
  2. Cardio: pulsing sumo squats, jumping side to side after two pulses (Cathe used one 12# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  3. Sliding reverse lunges
  4. Repeat #3 but w/ DBs (12# DBs)
  5. Plie squats (40# BB)
  6. Sumo marches 3 steps forward and steps back length of mat (Cathe used one 12# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  7. Side slide lunges in one slow, 2 fast pattern (one 15# DB)
  8. Deadlift, 16 reps (Cathe used 40# DB, I used 70# BB)
  9. Cardio: squats in a box w/ mat as marker
  10. Diagonal lunges, 12 reps each leg (12# DBs)
  11. Repeat #10 for 6 reps each leg
  12. Squats (Cathe used 40# BB, I used 50# BB)
  13. Cardio: power turning squats in sets of 3 (180 jump squats); 2 sets of 8 reps
  14. Sliding curtsy lunges, 16 reps each leg (one 15# DB)
  15. Plie squats (40# BB)
  16. Cardio: slam its (jump squat to corner of mat; alternate sides)
  17. Sweeper lunges (using sliding disk, come down in lunge and hold, sliding working foot in and out while remaining in lunge)
  18. Deadlift, 16 reps (Cathe used 40# BB, I used 70# BB)
  19. Cardio: 4 burpees + 180 jump; 4 reps of this combo total w/ a brief break after 2 reps
  20. Rear sliding warrior lunges, 12 reps each leg

Stability Ball (8:30 minutes):

  1. Lean on side on ball and raise and lower top leg, first w/ toe pointed then flexed; this changes to pushing heel out w/ foot flexed
  2. Roll ins (lay on back, heels on ball, hips lifted; roll ball in and out); this changes to roll ball in, lift hips, roll back out; this changes to raising and lowering hips w/ ball “in”
  3. More roll ins
  4. One leg hip lifts (one foot on ball)
  5. Ball toss (lay on back, straight legs raised to ceiling and opened in a V; toss ball up and catch between feet); this changes to holding ball between feet and pulsing feet against ball; repeat both exercises
  6. Sit up w/ ball between knees, feet on floor; pulse knees fast against ball






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