Cathe Live: Fit Tower Inferno

#224 Fit Tower Inferno is another excellent and intense total body strength workout using the Fit Tower. These workouts specifically (the Live Fit Tower workouts) are why I resubscribed to Cathe Live for a few months–to try them out and see if I wanted to purchase the downloads. Well, this one is gong to the list to purchase! It is excellent and thorough. Cathe hit every muscle in my body and my legs were especially fried. In fact, the workout starts with intense focus on the lower body, completely burning out one leg end ending it with plyometrics to completely finish it off. And not just a little plyometrics–a lot. Then, you move onto the other leg and destroy it. It has been something like 6 hours since I finished this workout and my legs are still feeling it. We did our grocery shopping this morning and the entire time my hips were protesting. The lower body gets the entire first half of this workout. But do not think she neglects the upper body. Just like the lower body she burns out each muscle group. She does superset the upper body–chest with triceps and back with biceps. The shoulders get fried on their own like your legs do and she ends with quick but effective core work.

You can do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads. Here is a video clip of this workout.

Fit Tower Inferno is 60:30 minutes; 4:45 minute warm up, 4 minutes of core work and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: Fit Tower and equipment that came with it (6 foot resistance band and mat) plus a set of 10 pound dumbbells. Workout starts with tower bar at level 8.

  1. Stand beside tower with one hand on the bar, raise and lower straight leg out to side; flex foot and continue raising and lower leg to side; continue raising and lowering leg but now alternate pointing and flexing foot
  2. Face tower and place hands on bar in front of you, feet are facing forward, raise onto toes, bend knees and lower into a shallow barre squat (spine straight) and pulse; lower into deeper barre squat and continue pulsing
  3. Stand beside tower with one hand on bar, lift one bent leg out to side in hydrant and pulse; move bent leg in front of you and continue pulsing; changes to pulsing 4x as you move your leg to the back then 4x as you move it back to the front; hold bent leg to back in hydrant and slowly extend foot, straightening leg then bend leg back to hydrant; continue this move but faster
  4. Still standing beside tower with forearm on bar, raise and lower straight leg out to side while also raising and lowering straight arm; keep leg raised at top of lift and pulse
  5. Still standing beside tower with hand on bar, raise straight leg in front of you and pulse leg; flex foot and continue pulsing
  6. Face tower, raise one leg behind you with knee bent, holding one 10# DB in same side hand, other hand is on the bar, lower into a single leg squat and pulse; changes to a slower full single leg squat; changes to 3 pulses at bottom of squat then stand; changes to lowering to squat, raise halfway, lower back into squat then stand; changes to 3 partial (halfway) squats before standing
  7. Repeat #6 on other leg
  8. Jumping jacks
  9. Face tower with hands on bar, do alternating jump lunges, 3 sets of 16 reps
  10. Stand beside tower with one hand on bar, do plie squat jumps w/ arm pull downs with other arm, 32 reps
  11. Squat lunge jumps (stand beside tower with one hand on bar, do a wide plie squat then hop to turn towards the bar, landing in a lunge, arm is extended outside when in plie squat then arcs up to tap the bar when in lunge), 16 reps
  12. Repeat #1
  13. Repeat #2, except heels are together and toes turned out, still raised onto toes (barre plie squats)
  14. Repeat #3-11 on other side of body
  15. (lower bar to level 4) With hands on bar, do 16 push ups; do 8 push ups to a down 1/up 3 count, take a brief rest and do 4 more
  16. Stand with tower behind you and do tricep dips with hands on bar behind you, 32 reps; do 4 reps to a down 1/up 3 count then reverse it and do 4 more reps to a down 3/ up 1 count; do 8 reps to 2/2 count
  17. Drape 6 foot band over top of tower, face bar and hold one end of band in each hand up close to top of tower, pull both arms straight down, keeping elbows close to sides; changes to pulses
  18. (grab DBs) Lay on back on the mat, one ankle is resting on the bar, the other is extended straight on the floor under the bar, do straight arm chest flys while also raising and lowering bottom leg (toe of lifting leg is turned out so insole faces ceiling), 6 reps to a 2/2 count, 8 reps to single count, 4 more reps to a 2/2 count; switch legs and repeat
  19. (raise bar to level 9) Sit under tower, knees bent and feet on floor, hold bar in an underhand grip, do 8 pull ups to an up 1/down 3 count; do 6 pull ups to a 2/2 count
  20. 8 bicep curls while also doing calf/heel raises; 4 calf/heel raises only; 8 bicep curls while also doing calf/heel raises; 4 calf/heel raises only; 8 hammer curls while also doing calf/heel raises; 4 calf/heel raises only; 6 supination curls (no heel raises)
  21. Sit on bottom under bar with legs extended and knees bent, hands on bar in an overhead grip, keeping feet on ground, do 3 sets of 8 pull ups in this position (body is in crab/tabletop position) (these are “Let Me Ups” if you are familiar with Mark Lauren workouts)
  22. (lower bar to level 2) Drape band over bar holding one end of band in each hand, still sitting on mat, move further away from it, place one foot on bar between ends of band, pull band out to side with straight arms in T pull; changes to pulses
  23. Stand up and hold band in both hands with about a foot of length between hands, elbows are close to sides, palms face the ceiling, pull band apart in fast pulses
  24. Straight arm front raise holding one DB in both hands, 24 reps
  25. Posture pulls, 2 sets of 8 reps (hold band in both hands with about 18 inches between hands, arms are extended straight in front of you at chest level, open arms out to sides into a T then bring them back to start)
  26. Repeat #22 for 12 reps
  27. Repeat #21

Core: (4 minutes; starts @ 53:30)

  1. (raise bar to top of tower) Drape 6 foot band over top of tower, sit on mat beneath tower, hold both ends of the band together in both hands, lean torso back, do partial sit ups (never lowering all the way to the ground) while rope climbing the band
  2. Fold band in half and hold one end in each hand (keep and pulled taut between hands), lean torso back slightly, legs are extended in front of you, twist torso to side, bringing same side hand down to floor beside you while also raising same side leg, 8 reps each side; do 14 more reps alternating sides
  3. Leg shooters, 32 reps (lean back, hands on floor behind hips, legs raised off ground, thrust legs out straight then bring knees into chest)
  4. (lower bar to level 3) Straight arm plank with hands on bar, alternate bringing legs in under body and tapping toes to mat

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