Cathe Live: High Reps Total Body

highRepsTotalBodyLive-11-13-14Cathe has two live workouts that, at least from looking at their titles, appear to be based on her DVD workout High Reps. So on Saturday I did the DVD High Reps, this morning I did High Reps Total Body (Live) and on Wednesday I plan to do Total Body Reps (Live). I do this so that I can see not only how the live workout compares to the DVD version but also–do I like one better than the other? Is there is value in doing both?

Saturday morning I was surprised. I had forgotten how challenging the DVD version of High Reps is. It really burned out every muscle group. This workout and the DVD version are both approximately the same length. This one is 2 minutes shorter but (as usual) it has a stretch that is half the time of the DVD version–so I guess they are about equal length. I found this Live version tough, too. She really burned out some muscle groups. Most muscle groups. In the DVD workout she fries every single muscle group. In this Live version the chest, back and legs aren’t hit as hard in my opinion, but everything else is fried. The chest and leg shortage doesn’t bother me too much, but I never like the back shortchanged. And btw, she didn’t shortchange the back in this workout, she just worked it differently and not as intensely as she did in the DVD workout. But I already have “up” arrows on my workout card to lift heavier in the future on back exercises. That should help. Like the DVD version there are lots of tempo changes. She does a lot of the same exercises that are done in the DVD workout but also some different ones. The count is off on the barbell static lunges–one leg is worked differently than the other. I’m not sure if one gets more work than the other or if it is evened out in the end. Both my legs were fried after the static lunges, so she did a good job either way!

Overall it is another excellent total body strength workout. I liked it a lot. It is pretty fast paced but I never felt like I didn’t have time to check my workout card for upcoming weights or to change my barbell plates. Of course, I had 3 barbells set at different weights at the ready, but I still had to change the weights on one barbell once.

High Reps Total Body is 63 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 5:30 minutes core and 2 minute stretch. It aired live on 11/13/14 and here is the video clip. Equipment needed is a barbell and plates, various dumbbells, a dynaband (flat resistance band) and a mat. Since I created my workout card in advance for this workout, the weights listed below are the weights Cathe uses.


  1. Walking sumos (Cathe uses one 8# DB)
  2. Side lunge, tapping floor w/ fingertips
  3. Pivoting sumo squats (Cathe uses one 10# DB)
  4. Pivoting sumo squats but pulse 3x in squat (Cathe uses one 12# DB)
  5. Pulsing hover squats (Cathe uses one 12# DB)
  6. Barbell squats (Cathe uses 30#)
  7. Barbell plie squat (Cathe uses 30#)
  8. Barbell overhead press (Cathe uses 20#)
  9. Barbell upright row (Cathe uses 20#)
  10. Repeat #8
  11. Arcing side lateral raises (raise DBs from sides to overhead) (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  12. Scarecrows (Cathe uses 5# DBs)
  13. Alternating side lateral raises (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  14. Barbell upright rows (Cathe uses 20#)
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Repeat #11
  17. Barbell bicep curls (Cathe uses 20#)
  18. Supination bicep curls (Cathe uses 12# DBs)
  19. Hammer curls (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  20. Wide bicep curls (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  21. Barbell bicep curls (Cathe uses 20#)
  22. Curtsy lunges (Cathe uses one 10# DB)
  23. Barbell static lunges (Cathe uses 20#)
  24. Barbell deadlifts (Cathe uses 40#)
  25. Barbell deadrows (Cathe uses 40#)
  26. Barbell wide leg deadlifts (Cathe uses 40#)
  27. Scapular retractions w/ dynabad (like a standing chest fly w/ band)
  28. Seated T pulls w/ band
  29. Overhead power press (stand on band w/ one end in each and do a power squat, pulling bands forcefully overhead, arms straight)
  30. Seated Y band pulls
  31. One arm rows; 2 sets of 12 each arm (Cathe uses two 12# DBS held in one hand)
  32. Tricep Pushup w/ Leg Lift: you will do a tricep push up on your knees but you start on all 4s (rather than a straight bodied plank) and as you lower into the push up, raise one leg (alternate legs)
  33. Knee tricep push ups
  34. Overhead tricep extensions (Cathe uses 10# DBs)
  35. Repeat #34 (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  36. Hold band folded in half against shoulder w/ opposite hand, grip lower on the bad w/ other hand and pull down, keeping elbow close to side
  37. Repeat #34
  38. Chest flys (Cathe uses 12# DBs)
  39. Push ups on knees
  40. Sit ups w/ chest flys (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  41. Full sit ups w/ pull over into overhead press (Cathe uses one 8# DB)
  42. Repeat #40 (Cathe uses 5# DBs)
  43. Repeat #41 (Cathe uses one 10# DB)
  44. Lay on back, legs straight and on floor, one elbow bent and pressed into floor, other arm raised to ceiling; lift torso and reach toward ceiling w/ raised arm keeping other elbow on floor
  45. Bring elbows to kneesn the bring arms straight overhead and legs straight but a few inches off floor; alternate these two moves
  46. Basic crunches
  47. Put soles of feet together, knees bent and open and do crunches
  48. Bring both bent knees to one side and continue crunching
  49. Hold elbow plank; raise one leg and hold; raise other leg and hold; hold in elbow plank again; slowly step feet in and out, then do it faster




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