Cathe Live: Long & Sculpted Legs

longandsculptedlegs-9-15-16Long & Sculpted Legs really fried my legs. It seemed particularly appropriate after my last leg workout (Cathe Live Triset Legs) because this workout fries your lower body in a completely different way. No dumbbells, barbell or step are used in Long & Sculpted Legs. Just a sliding device (I used Slide N Glide disks), a chair or barre and a stability ball. You start with the disk work and she works your legs well but doesn’t rep you out. Then you do more standing metabolic work sans sliding disks. Again, she doesn’t rep you out. Then you move on to barre work–that’s when she reps you out! She really fried my calves. And the DOMS in my calves and hamstrings had just faded from Legs & Glutes Live! I’m sure it will return tomorrow! Then you go to the floor for stability ball work and she reps you out again. Overall, an excellent lower body workout that balances nicely with workouts like Triset Legs Live.

Long & Sculpted Legs is 49 minutes long; 4 minute warm up, 10 minutes sliding disk work, 4 minutes metabolic leg work, 14:30 minutes barre, 11:30 minutes stability ball work and 2 minute stretch. Equipment needed: sliding disks, chair (or barre) and a stability ball. It aired live on 9/15/16 and here is the video clip.

Sliding Disk Work (10 minutes):

  1. Side slide lunges
  2. Sliding reverse lunges
  3. Come down into squat w/ disk under one foot and circle foot/leg; this changes to one leg pulsing narrow squat
  4. Sliding cross-back lunges

Metabolic Leg Work (4 minutes):

  1. Alternating diagonal lunges
  2. More diagonal lunges but this time you do all reps on one side before doing them on the other leg
  3. Warrior 2 lunges
  4. Pulsing plie squats w/ heel raises
  5. Sumo marches

Barre Work (14:30 minutes):

  1. Raise and lower heels, feet close together
  2. Heels together, toes pointed out–raise and lower heels
  3. Step out squats  w/ hand on chair back/barre (get into squat and move one foot out to side 3x, farther each time, while staying in squat)
  4. Wide plie squats w/ heels raised but this time you will be pulling down w/ one arm to add body weight to the move; changes to arm circles
  5. High hip pulses (pulse leg in fire hydrant position); changes to pulse leg forward 4x then back 4x still in hydrant; changes to pulsing 4x front then 4x back (not moving as you pulse)
  6. Raise onto toes, feet close together, bend knees and lower hips keeping back straight, and pulse
  7. Repeat #6 except heels are together and toes are out

Stability Ball Work (11:30 minutes):

  1. Lay on back, heels on ball and hips raised; roll ball in and out
  2. Still one back w/ heels on ball w/ hips raised, roll ball in, hold, raise hips higher then roll back out; changes to basic roll in/outs
  3. Still on back, heels on ball; raise hips, roll ball in, raise one leg off ball and press hips up and down
  4. More hamstring roll ins
  5. Ball squeezes: sit up and place ball between knees; press knees against ball
  6. Ball toss (lay on back, legs raised, straight and open in a V; toss ball up and catch between feet)
  7. Hold ball between straight legs (still raised to ceiling) and slowly turn ball w/ feet, side to side
  8. Get into a side plank on ball but bottom knee on ground; raise top leg and pulse w/ toe pointed; changes to pulsing w/ foot flexed








2 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Long & Sculpted Legs

    1. I am so glad they are helpful! I do have to warn you–they are going to pause for a while. I probably won’t do them as frequently once Strong & Sweaty arrives and then early next year I am doing a B.J.Gaddour rotation and I am going to cancel Cathe Live for a few months while I am doing that. But I will definitely be subscribing again because I love it. But I don’t want to pay for it if I’m not using it.


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