The Firm: Jiggle Free Abs

Jiggle Free Abs is part of The Firm‘s TransFirmer system. It is led by Allie Del Rio. I used to love this workout–and I have never been a fan of long core work. But this workout is so varied and I loved using the step. This is one of the few TransFirmer workouts that is accessible to anyone who has a full length step that can be raised to 14 inches. That is the only equipment you need for this workout–a full size step @ 14 inches and a fitness mat. It is a very active core workout, too. The warm up is standing core work done at a brisk pace to warm you up and raise your heart rate. Then you take your core work to the TransFirmer/step and then to the mat. It is not an advanced core workout, but it is enjoyable and hits the core from all angles. Though I would have liked a bit more spinal work. In that past I either used this to finish off one of the other Jiggle Free workouts (Arms or Buns) or I did Jiggle Free Abs and finished it off with yoga. Thats what I did it this morning. I did Jiggle Free Abs and finished it off with the The Firm’s Power Yoga. Overall it was a great recovery day workout.

Jiggle Free Abs is 25 minutes long; 1:30 minute intro, 5:30 minute warm up (warm up contains lots of standing core work) and 1 minute stretch. Equipment: TransFirmer @ 14 inches, or a club step @ 14 inches and a fitness mat. There is a modifier.

Circuit 1: TransFirmer or step @ 14 inches

  1. Plank w/ hands on step, alternate raising legs; add pulling knee into chest the after leg raise
  2. Sit on end of step, legs wide, one arm behind head, lean torso to side; changes to leaning torso back and raising knee, twisting elbow toward knee
  3. Sit on side of step w/ hands on step behind you, torso leaned back, legs extended straight, heels on floor, and alternate bringing knees into chest; changes to pulling both knees into chest
  4. Repeat #2 on other side of body
  5. Repeat #3

Circuit 2: fitness mat

  1. Lay on back, hands under glutes, knees bent and feet raised, do reverse crunches; add shooting one leg out straight at the lower end of the reverse crunch; add one leg out straight and holding isometrically, then reverse crunching w/ one leg extended out straight
  2. Hold modified side elbow plank on knees; changes to holding full side plank
  3. Sit on bottom, knees bent and feet on floor, hands behind thighs, lean torso back and forward; remove hands from thighs and cross them over chest; lift one leg off the floor and bring in to elbows when raising torso

Circuit 3: fitness mat

  1. Lay on back, legs bent, feet on ground and hands behind head, do basic crunches; add twisting elbow toward opposite knee; crunch up in a circling (circling head/chest)
  2. Lay on side, arm extended under head, knees bent, top arm behind head, raise and lower arm/head shoulders
  3. Superman
  4. Repeat #2 on other side of body

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