The Firm: Power Yoga

poweryogaI came across The Firm: Power Yoga while investigating all of my old workout DVDs I’ve stored in boxes in my closet. I was actually looking for a different yoga DVD I remembered owning (but now cannot find, so I must have gotten rid of it). I had forgotten even buying a Firm yoga workout, but now that I’ve done it, I remember it. And I have come a long way! I did this workout many years ago back when I not only hated yoga but found this workout too challenging for me. That seems amusing now. I’m not going to say I am a yoga-lover or an advanced yogi but I do like yoga and do it every week. And this is not a hard yoga workout. It is a very good workout in my opinion, but it is intermediate level. The trainer is Kirsten Strohecker and she covers most of the basic yoga poses in this short but effective workout.

Power Yoga is 34:30 minutes long (with a 2:30 minute intro–so 32 minutes of actual yoga time). It is little short for my liking, at least for a morning workout. It is the perfect length for a doubles workout or an add on after another workout. There is a modifier doing easier versions of every pose, plus, when Kirsten introduces a pose, she frequently starts the pose in the beginner modified version then moves to a more advanced version. So this workout is appropriate to most levels. I personally am not an advanced yogi nor do I care to become one (at least at his point in my life; my exercise goals are always changing), so the more “advanced” versions (actually normal versions of the pose) are just right level for me. Kirsten does not actually name a single pose, which I found kind of weird. She uses basic terminology to give you instructions on how to get into a pose but you never hear a single yoga pose name–not the Sanskrit or the English version of the pose. For instance, instead of telling you that you are doing a chair pose, she just tells you to squat and bring your arms overhead. I will be giving the actual English name of the pose when giving the break down (if I know the name, that is). Most of the poses are held for a good length of time (30-60 seconds) and many of the poses, particularly in the beginning, are repeated multiple times in a dynamic flowing series. I broke a mild sweat near the middle of this workout but nothing major. I was completely cooled down, relaxed and stretched out by the end. So, in summary, thumbs up! Excellent short but sweet yoga workout.

You will start with deep breathes and then some side stretches. Chair pose. Bend over to flat back and clasp hands behind you, stretching the chest. Plie squats w/ deep breaths. Standing runners lunge (crescent). Cat and Cow. Pointer dog. Child’s pose. Forward fold. Flat back. Chaturanga into up dog into down dog. **Series starts here: Crescent. Warrior 2. Triangle. Side angle. Pyramid. Revolved triangle. Chaturanga into up dog into down dog. Child’s pose. Half boat pose. Side plank. Chaturanga into up dog into down dog. **Repeat series on other side of body starting at Crescent pose. End series in child’s pose. Camel. Thread the needle. Down dog. Pigeon (both sides). Down dog to child’s pose. Seated forward bend. Butterfly stretch. Crab into reverse plank. Happy baby. Supine spinal twist. It ends with corpse pose.

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