Xtrain Week 7? Update

For more info on Xtrain see My Intro to Xtrain , Week 3 Update and Week 6 update.

Week 7? Update: As expected, nothing went quite as a I planned. There is a ? after week 7 because I’m not exactly sure what week I am in. Technically week 7 I suppose, but it doesn’t really matter. I am doing Xtrain until April. April 1 I start STS. I’m pretty excited about that, but first I’ll summarize what has gone down between my last post and this one.

Vacation! I had plans to possibly workout on vacation which did not occur, at least not in the conventional sense. As I knew we would, we were on the go non-stop on this vacation. We went to several locations in Europe so there was a lot to see in a short amount of time. Plus, it is expensive over there! The dollar isn’t worth shit and the exchange rate sucks. So we used a lot of public transportation and walked. Taxis were ungodly expensive. We know this because we were forced to use them several times. We did not rent a car like we often do in the states. So we were exhausted every night and started early most mornings. No time or energy for working out. I had planned to jump right back into Xtrain the day after we returned home (our plane landed around 10pm). Silly me! Serious jet lag. Wow. This isn’t the first time I’ve flown internationally, but I have never experienced jet lag like this. Maybe I can chalk it up to age? There’s more. Something I haven’t shared on this blog because it isn’t pertinent until now, but I have an injury from several years ago. Thanks to a drunk driver (3x the legal limit) slamming head on into my car, I have 12 screws and 2 plates in each heel. I get along fine (now—very long recovery) on a daily basis, but our active vacations now give me some pain. But I’m generally fine a day or two after returning to my normal routine. This is the first 2 week vacation since the accident tho—all the others have been week or less. So in addition to severe jet lag, I was nearly crippled with heel pain. Xtrain was not happening when I returned. After taking two days off to recover from my vacation, I did a recovery week of lower impact and lower instensity workouts. This week, starting March 4, I was back to Xtrain.

It felt so good at the beginning of this week to be working out at my normal level again—invigorating… until about day 3 when every single muscle in my body was screaming with DOMS. Insane! How is it possible to become so physically unconditioned in only 3 weeks? It’s not like I sat on my ass for 3 weeks. I was on the go for 2 weeks on vacation and I worked out at a lower intensity for one week. For me, this translates into what an awesome and intense program Xtrain is, that it crippled me with DOMS after jumping back into it at the same level I was at before I went on vacation.

So that’s the progress I’ve made on Xtrain since my last post: NONE. It looks like I am not really doing the full 90 days of the 90 day rotation either. In the end it will be 10 weeks rather then 12/13 weeks. Including this week, I have 4 more weeks of Xtrain before I start STS. This month, in addition to Xtrain, I am doing the 1RM (one rep max) testing to prepare myself for STS. There are 95 exercises you can do 1RM testing for. That will take some time, so I have to spread it out. I will be writing  a lot more on 1RM testing when I post about STS, but here is Cathe’s definition: http://cathe.com/one-rep-max-test.

So that is what is going on and what is coming up on this blog. I posted the review for MMA Boxing, but I don’t forsee any other reviews going up until I start STS. I had big plans to add in workouts by other trainers and get some more reviews in, but I’ll be honest, I am a total Cathe groupy. I simply do not want to do any other workouts. I adore Cathe’s workouts and no other trainer measures up. I wonder if one day I will return to some of my other workouts? Part of me hopes so, I used to love those and I know they are very good workouts! But if I can’t bring myself to do them now…..? Who knows? In the end it doesn’t really matter, because Cathe’s workouts do the job.

 I still have’t made a decision on how I will be reviewing STS. Total workouts for 3 mesoccyles of STS is 40 individual workouts. And this doesn’t include STS Ab Circuits, which I will also be including and therefore reviewing. It is a big and complex program and I will be reviewing the whole thing. I guess we’ll see how in the coming months.


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