4 thoughts on “CL314PHASuperSets

  1. Is this you or Cathe wearing glasses? I looked at your last Cathe Live post and that does looks like Cathe’s set but maybe your home gym has just been mega tricked out?! It’s gotta be Cathe though, right, cuz you don’t need to wear a headset while working out?!


      1. I didn’t know Cathe wore glasses, she looks great with or without them, but surprisingly the glasses make her look at least 10 years, if not more, younger.

        P.S. I know Angie recently visited your blog, has Cathe ever visited? Does she know how much you love her and her workouts?

        P.P.S. Also, hope all is well with you as it’s been about a week since your last post.


      2. As far as I know, Cathe has never visited my blog. If she has, she hasn’t commented!

        I’ve actually been out of town. My husband, daughter and I all went on a hiking trip, I was gone for 4 days. We love to hike but do not love to camping so we stayed in an AirBnB. We got back yesterday. Plus I’ve been doing workouts already reviewed here. On the 19th I plan to start a 6 week rotation made up primarily of workouts already reviewed here so my posts will continue to slow down.


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