I discovered RIPT90 thanks to Amazon recommending products it thinks I might be interested in based on my past purchases, my wishlist, my browsing history, etc. RIPT90 appears relatively new. I have not seen this particular program before but Amazon has recommended others by the same company: X-TrainFit. I have looked at X-TrainFit’s other programs but they have never … Continue reading RIPT90

Workout Types

There are over 900 reviews on this blog. If you know the exact workout you want to read about, you can use the search function (at the bottom of this page and on the side bar of each individual pages/posts) to find that workout. If you know the trainer you are interested in then you … Continue reading Workout Types

Trainer List

Below is a list of all of the trainers whose DVDs I have reviewed on this blog. For the trainers that have a lot of workout reviews on this blog (i.e., my favorites that I hoard), I have created individual pages for each one. Click on their names below and it will take you to … Continue reading Trainer List

Popsugar: Stretch Workout For Leaner, Longer Limbs

This is the stretch workout I combined w/ the 5 minute Popsugar Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs for a little 10 minute (total time) finisher that gives you a short cardio burst and ends with a nice stretch. Like Bye-Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs this workout is sponsored by Target’s C9 wear and everyone in the workout … Continue reading Popsugar: Stretch Workout For Leaner, Longer Limbs

Edge Booty Extreme 2

I discovered this workout system from Oxygen Magazine–they sent me a sales email. I was immediately intrigued. I am getting ready to start another round of STS in September and I am planning on adding additional glute focus. I have already tried The Butt Bible for that purpose and loved it, so I decided I … Continue reading Edge Booty Extreme 2


I cannot even remember how I came across Ultimatum but it has been on my Amazon Wishlist for a very long time. It is expensive. The trainer is Lindsi Sanor and she created an intense metabolic weight training fitness program along the lines of Michelle Dozois‘s Peak 10 Cardio Strength workouts–except shorter. So I was definitely … Continue reading Ultimatum

10 Minute Torchers

10 Minute Torchers was discovered completely by accident. First, I came across a forum post about a Men’s Health workout series called The Anarchy Workout. I was curious so I did some research on it. When I decided to spring for it, I was offered 10 Minute Torchers at the checkout. So, of course, before … Continue reading 10 Minute Torchers

Current & Upcoming

10/15/19 UPDATE: I have another surgery in two weeks (hopefully my last for a very long time) and I have gone Heather Robertson groupie. I have completely redone the last two weeks of my rotation to do more of her workouts. A lot more. So my blog feed is about to be flooded with tons … Continue reading Current & Upcoming