A BOSU Ball is a half stability ball. One side is filled with air just like a stability ball and the other side is flat hard surface. Bosu stands for “Both Sides Utilized” since that is the way that it can be used–the dome side up or the down. Which ever way you use a BOSU ball it challenges your balance which is one of the benefits. Adding a balance challenge to any type of exercise increase the intensity. It can also be used for stretching. The workouts listed below all use a BOSU ball.

Cardio Kickboxing BOSU Workout (64:30 minutes)

Moderate Impact BOSU and Kettlebell Workout (57:30 minutes)

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and BOSU Ball (69 minutes–BOSU is only used the last 20 minutes)

BOSU/HIIT/Bodyweight–Calorie Burning Workout (61 minutes)

BOSU Cardio Mashup (71 minutes)

AngieFitnessTV: Cardio Bosu Ball and Body Weight Strength (33 minutes)

AngieFitnessTV: BOSU Ball Cardio w/ Light Hand Weights (19 minutes)

AngieFitnessTV: Step BOSU Ball Cardio Intervals (19 minutes)

AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 BOSU Ball Cardio (30:30 minutes)

Fit Body by Julia: Legs, Shoulders & Back Strength Gains (51:30–BOSU isn’t used until the end)

Fit Body by Julia: PHAT #3 (86:30 minutes)

Fit Body by Julia: Cardio Madness #2 (53 minutes–BOSU isn’t used until the end)

Barlates: BOSU Total Body Fusion (5 workouts 20-33 minutes)

Freestyle Training: Back/Shoulders/Butt (1 hour & 55 minutes)

Workout! (67 minutes)

Tabata Bootcamp w/ Toys (two 4 minute tabatas)

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