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I signed up for The Yoga Collective because Groupon offered a year streaming subscription. I can’t even remember how much I paid for it anymore. I want to say $11.99. Plus I had some Groupon credit, so it cost me even less than that! Seemed like a value–a whole year of yoga for $12. So I signed up. The Yoga Collective contains a lot of yoga workouts that range from 10 minutes to an hour. This review is just an overview. I am not breaking down any of the individual yoga workouts. However, I have listed all of the yoga workouts I have done at the time this review posts with a brief descriptor and my own thoughts. Though that will be useful for others who decide to sign up, it is (as usual) for my own reference. There are so many yoga workouts on this website. I need to know some information to help me decide which yoga workouts to return to. So as long as I am subscribed, I will return to this review and update it.

There are a lot of different yoga instructors leading the yoga workouts and I have ones I liked a lot (Lauren Eckstrom) and ones I wasn’t so crazy about. One thing to keep in mind is there is no music. So I played my own relaxing music. You will see that I gravitate toward more gentle and basic yoga practices, but I do have plans to eventually do some of the longer, more vigorous ones as well.

At the time I am finally posting this review, I have been signed up with The Yoga Collective for several months. I am taking a month or two off from doing exclusively Yoga Collective yoga workouts. I have some Barlates yoga workouts I want to try and Jessica Smith has some free yoga workouts on YouTube I plan to try. So I will not doing very many Yoga Collective workouts over the next 1-2 months (and they will probably be the shorter ones, too). But in a month or two I plan do try some of the longer yoga workouts (the 60 minute ones). I will be adding any new yoga workouts I do to the list below. So over the next 8 or 9 months, the list below will continue to grow.

10 Minutes

Shoulder Surrender (Lauren Eckstrom) 8 minutes: gentle but effective shoulder stretches.

Neck Release (Lauren Eckstrom) 8 minutes: gentle but effective neck stretches.

Reclining Hip Sequence (Lauren Eckstrom) 8 minutes: gentle but effective; stretches hips, outer thighs and glutes

Hip Release (Lauren Eckstrom) 11 minutes. Short but deep hip stretching. Very nice.

Pre & Post Travel (Mary Beth LaRue) 8 minutes. Gentle stretching/release for spine, hips and shoulders.

Opening Upper Body (Steve Jones) 12 minutes. Does focus on the upper body but I didn’t care for it.

Wake Up Flow Part 1 (Mary Beth Larue) 8 minutes. Another nice gentle stretch. This one is done all sitting and focuses on the upper body tho your hips get some stretching, too.

Wake Up Flow Part 2 (Mary Beth LaRue) 10 minutes. Although not an advanced flow it is more vigorous than part 1. Mostly standing, you do lots of forward folds, down dogs, chatarrungas, some warriors and chair pose. Still fairly relaxing but much more active. You don’t hold poses long. Would work nice in combination with Part 1–start w/ part 2 and end w/ part 1.

Bedtime Flow (Shayna Hiller) 14 minutes. Extremely relaxing yoga poses. You use pillows/folded up towels/bolsters for props to make poses more relaxing. You hold the poses for a long time. It was a good practice, but it really is for winding down. If you’re tired, you might fall asleep.

Mini Hip Flow (Mary Beth LaRue) 10 minutes. An intense and active (but not advanced) flow that really stretches out your hips and lower body.

20 Minutes

Gentle Yoga (Travis Eliot) 21 minutes: very basic; maybe too basic

Yin – Short & Sweet (Lauren Eckstrom) 20 minutes. Basic, relaxing yoga flow. You hold poses longer.

Yang – Short & Sweet (Lauren Eckstrom) 19 minutes. Very active flow that incorporates some strength. I liked it a lot. Perspired a little. This would work nicely in conjunction with Yin – Short & Sweet. Start with Yang and end with Yin.

Heart Opening Flow (Lauren Eckstrom) 22:30 minutes. A very fast paced flow. More advanced than the others I have done but nothing difficult or too challenging. It is just a much quicker pace than any of the Yoga Collective workouts I have done yet. An active flow. I did like it.

30 Minutes

Gentle Flow (Lauren Eckstrom) 30 minutes: basic flowing stretch/really liked

Full Body Stretch (Andrea Jensen) 27 minutes: stretches held for long periods of time; some uncomfortable. Didn’t care for trainer

Open Hips (Lauren Eckstrom) 29 minutes: I liked it; very effective.

Morning Wake Up Flow (Kyle Miller) 31 minutes: excellent total body yoga flow. I liked this one a lot; not too hard but not too easy either. I perspired a little.

Basic Flow (Lauren Eckstrom) 28 minutes. Nice, gentle basic yoga flow.

40 Minutes

Out with the Old, In with the New (Andrea Jensen) 37 minutes. A nice flow–it is a mix of deep stretches and active flow but at a more controlled pace. There is stretching and hip opening. Another winner.

Hip Opening Flow (Kyle Miller) 42:30 minutes. Another nice flow. Deep hip stretches, but also focuses on the entire lower body. It is active but the pace is controlled. I really enjoyed this one.













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