AngieFitnessTV: Deep Foam Roller Stretch

This Deep Stretch Foam Roller Workout is subtitled Unwind-Breathe-Relax. I rarely use my foam roller but today I pulled it out for this workout. I am never certain that a foam roller is actually doing anything to help me. All I know is it frequently hurts and this workout was no exception. The dynamic stretching at the beginning and the static stretching at the end was very nice but the foam rolling did not feel great. Judging from what Angie and other trainers I’ve foam rolled with (Tony Horton immediately comes to mind, but there are others; I am just blanking on the names), it is supposed to hurt or at least be uncomfortable. Those painful places are the places you spend more time rolling because they need it. Well, most of my body apparently needs it! My quads do feel a bit weaker and looser after doing this workout. Angie discusses how this is good for myofascial release. I am interested in anything that is good for the fascia–which is why I try to do Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts. So I should probably incorporate more of both types of workouts in my rotations–foam rolling and Classical Stretch. I know doing just one foam rolling workout, just like doing just one Classical Stretch workout, will not produce miracles–these things have to be done regularly. I have learned that well enough from 3 months of physical therapy for my shoulder. And in a sense, I do have the motivation. What I always feel like I don’t have is the time. In my mind, I put more importance on other types of exercise (rebounding, strength training, cardio, kickboxing) and even though I know I shouldn’t, I cannot seem to change that mindset. Other types of workouts always get priority in my workout rotations with things like yoga, flexibility, Classical Stretch, etc. being squeezed in here or there–then cut out entirely if I decide there are other workouts I would rather do (and this happens more frequently than you’d think). And I don’t know what to do about that to be honest! Even with the best intentions, I do well for a while then slide back into my old habits. As I get older though I do feel like I need to make a concerted effort to spend more time on things like this and less time on pushing so hard. Maybe that’s how my rotator cuff tore–pushing too hard.

Deep Foam Roller Stretch is 24:58 minutes. Equipment: foam roller.

  1. Alternating arm circles
  2. Legs wide, tap feet side to side while reaching arms overhead to the other side; changes to reaching arms across body; circle both arms at the same time in the same direction
  3. With legs wide, reach arms overhead then forward fold to the side, reaching arms to the floor, alternate sides reaching arms overhead between each side
  4. Wide plie squat, hands pressing knees wider, press shoulder toward opposite knee and look over opposite shoulder, alternate sides
  5. Side lunge side to side
  6. Kneeling lunge with both arms reached overhead; add shifting torso side to side while still reaching arms overhead
  7. Pyramid pose; hamstring stretch
  8. Forward fold; clasp hands behind back and lift clasped hands to the ceiling; place hands on floor again and alternate pedaling feet
  9. Alternating large arm circles
  10. (grab foam roller) Place glutes on foam roller, hands on floor behind you, feet on floor in front of you, shift hips to side and roll foam roller on one glute; cross one leg over the other while continuing to lean hip to one side and continue rolling one glute
  11. Hands are still on floor, place foam roller under hamstrings and roll back and forth
  12. Place foam roller under calves (or one calf) and roll back and forth
  13. Place foam roller on lower back, hands on floor behind you, feet on floor and roll low back; roll torso down so you are rolling your upper back; place bottom on ground and arch back over foam roller, hands behind head, elbows out to sides, stretching back; start rolling upper back again
  14. Lay on back, neck on foam roller, move head side to side
  15. Turn over so you are on your forearms, foam roller under quads and roll quads; roll on side/one forearm and roll the outside of leg
  16. Roll hamstrings again then the glutes again
  17. Lay lengthwise on foam roller, so it is along spine, knees bent, feet on floor, arms extended overhead; extend arms out to sides on floor; roll head side to side; large arm circles; extend arms to sides again but with palms on floor, shift to one side and hold
  18. Sit on bottom, legs open wide in a V, place foam roller on floor between legs and roll forearms; place foam roller behind foot, keeping leg straight and lean torso over that leg, holding foam roller
  19. Sit cross leg, holding the foam roller between both hands and do a side bend, bringing end of foam roller toward the ground

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