The Firm: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Dangerous Curves Ahead is one of the Firm‘s pink workouts. It is led by Alison Davis-McLain. The cover states there are 4 complete workouts but there isn’t. Like Cardio Core Fusion there is one full length workout and 3 shorter premixes. The premixes are broken down below the main workout breakdown.

It has been a really long time since I did this workout and I remember that I really liked it back then. Unfortunately, when I returned to it this morning, I wasn’t feeling well. I am still recovering from radiation-induced pericarditis, so I had to follow Emily during the cardio circuits; she did the low impact and beginner modifications. I still enjoyed it, even if I wasn’t able to get the full benefit of the cardio. Circuit 3 was particularly intense. Even Emily was doing some hopping! I cannot do any impact right now so I had to modify Circuit 3 even more than the modifier! I was able to do the other non-cardio circuits with no modification. I still found this to be a great workout. Though there is strength work in this workout, this is another Firm that I would never use for a strength training day. Today was a cardio day for me and this worked nicely for that.

When I got this workout, it came with a resistance loop/firewalker. I do not know if it still does but you need one for two of the circuits.

Dangerous Curves Ahead is 59 minutes long; 1:30 minute intro, 5 minute warm up and 5 stretch. Equipment: resistance loop/firewalker and dumbbells. There is a beginner modifier.

Circuit 1: grapevines, 3 knee repeaters, step w/ glute lift, glute lift+ front kick + glute lift, jump rope, wide jumps, cross jack legs, 3 plyo jumps, some weird wide toe tapping move

Circuit 2: resistance loop

  1. Resistance loop around ankles, step side to side
  2. Squat then raise leg to side, alternate legs
  3. Wide step forward and back
  4. Place loop around sole of one foot (still around ankle of other leg), raise and lower leg w/ loop around sole; keep leg raised and push foot toward back wall; changes to raising and lowering straight leg behind you
  5. Place loop back around both ankles and tap one foot forward then to the side; changes to tapping toe to the front then circle it around and tap floor behind you
  6. Wide plie squats (loop still around ankles); add lifting one heel while in plie squat, alternate heels; changes to raising both heels
  7. Wide steps forward and back
  8. Repeat #4 & 5 on other leg
  9. Remove loop and do wide plie squats; add sliding one foot into the other after each squat, alternate legs

Circuit 3: hamstring curls; scissor runs; alternating jump lunges; hop on one leg while slowly bringing raised knee around from side to front; step side to side at an angle; bowling move; V step; mogul hops

Circuit 4: dumbbells (Alison and crew used The Firm’s pink and silver CardioWeights; the weights listed below are what I used)

  1. Bent over single arm back row; changes to 4 rows + 4 bicep curls; add glute lifts during row and knee raises during bicep curls; continue alternating but reduce reps each time until you are doing 1 rep of each (one 15# DB)
  2. Hinge forward w/ a row + tricep kickback (8# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  4. Stationary side lunge side to side w/ alternating tricep kickbacks (6# DBs)
  5. Wide plie squats; add bent arm side raises; add rotating arms/DBs up into goal post at the top of the side raise (6# DBs)
  6. Hold bottom of wide plie squat and alternate punching DBs out in front of you (6# DBs)
  7. Lunge on one knee and do one arm rear delt raise; add bringing straight arm back at top of delt raise (one 5# DB)
  8. 2 regular push ups then stagger one hand forward and do a push up and stagger other hand forward and push up
  9. Repeat #7 on other arm
  10. Repeat #8

Circuit 5: run-run-knee raise hold moving side to side; mambo; alternating side kicks; 3 front kicks each leg; sashay + squat jump; standing core work–squat and when you stand reach arms overhead and to the side and raise one leg to side; changes to balancing on one leg while doing knee pulls (still raising arms overhead and lowering to knee); changes to fast knee pulls w/ twisting torso side to side

Circuit 6: resistance loop

  1. Sit on ground and place loop around thighs, lean torso back w/ hands on floor behind you, knees bent and feet on floor, alternate extending one leg and tapping heel to floor; raise hands off floor and continue lower body move but keep heels raised off floor; add twisting upper body
  2. Raise and lower hips in side plank; at top of side plank raise, raise and lower top leg (band is still around thighs)
  3. Sit on bottom, knees bent and feet on floor, arms extended straight in front of you, raise and lower torso; add back stroke arm, tapping floor behind you when leaning back, alternate arms
  4. Repeat #2 on other side of body
  5. Sit on bottom, knees bent and feet on floor, hands behind your thighs, roll torso down to floor then roll back up; add extending arms in front of you
  6. Raise and lower hips in bridge; add raising and lowering arms overhead and to floor beside hips as you raise and lower hips; add opening legs at top of hip bridge by stepping one foot in and out (loop still around thighs)
  7. Lay on back, knees bent and feet raised off floor, do crunches while pushing hands against band (still around thighs); place hands behind head and continue doing crunches; add tapping one heel to floor, alternate heels
  8. Move loop to arch of feet, place feet on floor, knees bent, hands behind head, alternate twisting elbow toward opposite knee; add raising knee toward elbow
  9. Lay on back w/ hands behind head, knees bent and raise feet off floor (loop still around feet), push legs out straight then open legs, close legs and pull knees back in
  10. Lay on stomach (loop still around feet), hands folded under chin, raise and lower upper body and legs; extend arms while continuing to raise and lower upper body and legs (supermans)
  11. Stand up w/ loop around hands and arms raised overhead, lean torso side to side; add pulling bottom arm toward floor when leaned to the side


Express Cardio: 36 minutes (intro, warm up, all 3 cardio circuits (1, 3 & 5) and stretch)

Express Sculpting: 35:30 minutes (intro, warm up, circuit 2, circuit 4, circuit 6 and stretch)

Express Abs/Core Cardio: 28 minutes (intro, warm up, circuit 5, circuit 6 and stretch)

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