Ignite by Spri Hi-Intensity

ignitebrettIgnite by Spri Hi-Intensity is a collection of 4 workouts led by Brett Hoebell that are each approximately 25 minutes long. They are supposed to be super intense 25 minute workouts–in fact 3 of them have HIIT in the title. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training; however, I did not find any of these workouts high intensity or advanced. None of the workouts qualify as a HIIT workout. A HIIT is a short burst of max intensity exercise followed by short recovery period; you keep alternating max intensity w/ recovery until you are exhausted. The more intervals you do, the higher your heart spikes with each interval. That never occurs in these workouts. Plus the trainer, Brett Hoebell, is seriously irritating. He yells “boom” a lot and it is not funny or motivating, just… annoying. I did like two of the workouts, HIIT it with Weights and 30/30 HIIT, but he was still pretty irritating. And BTW–neither of those workouts were HIIT level either. HIIT it w/ Weights it is a good metabolic weight training workout with a lot of back focus. Overall, I was disappointed with this collection and am now not expecting much from it’s sister DVD, 900 Calorie Burn. But who knows? Different trainer, so she might do a better job. I plan to try that one next week. From the title, I expected a lot more from these workouts. In every workout you go through a circuit of 4-5 exercises 4 times. The 4th and final time you go through them you do them at their most advanced level; Brett calls this the “spice” round. Now, after going through the workouts once or twice so you are familiar with the spice rounds, you could do all of the rounds at the spice level to actually get a more intense workout. But the majority of the exercises in all of the spice rounds are still not HIIT level.

Overall a collection of pretty easy/beginner level workouts with some growth potential for the person willing to do all of the rounds at the most advanced (“spice”) level. Just FYI–there is also a no dumbbell modifier in the workouts that use dumbbells and a modifier doing even easier versions of the exercises.

HIIT Intense is 26 minutes long; one minute intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. This was the first workout I did and I was not impressed. Even tho there is a warm up, the workout starts pretty easy for a workout labeled HIIT and could easily double as the warm up. However the workout does pick up. Let me explain how it works first. It is made up of 4 exercises, each exercise is done for 50 seconds with a 15 second break between each exercise. You repeat this 4 exercise circuit 4 times total. Between each circuit you get a one minute active recovery. Active recovery is jumping rope. The 4 moves vary in intensity, even at their most advanced. The first exercise is a very deep alternating lunge. I liked this one a lot from the easiest version at the beginning to the most advanced version at the end. By the 4th circuit it evolves into a very deep plyometric jump lunge. The others–the push ups and the sit up with scorpion kick are never very intense no matter which level/interval you are in. And the final/4th move–Tire Runs–is the same throughout and is just a cardio move, never a HIIT level move. So… one excellent move out of 4. The deep lunge is really the only one that ever got me into the HIIT range–and that was the 4th and final time through. It’s unlikely I will ever return to this workout since there is only one move I like.

  1. Deep forward lunge so that you are placing your palm on the floor (same arm/hand as the front leg), the other arm/elbow is bent in front of face, return to a wide lunge and repeat on other side; keep alternating sides; spice round: deep plyometric jump lunges.
  2. Push ups: plank walk forward 2 steps, do one push up, plank walk back 2 steps, one push up; spice round: add knee to same side elbow to each push up
  3. Sit up w/ scorpion kick: full sit up, twist into plank, scorpion kick, return to top of sit up position and repeat on other side; alternate sides; spice round: raise same side hand when doing scorpion kick
  4. Tire runs: 4 high knee runs and brief pause w/ knee raised (Heisman-type move); spice round: ?? not sure… I think tapping the knee with opposite hand? Seemed like the same move as the previous 3 rounds except smacking your hand to your knee

Abs & Booty Burn is 26:30 minutes, 50 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. As evidenced by the title, then focus of this workout is working your core and your glutes. For some reason (the DVD title maybe?) I was expecting these workouts to be very intense. It was a decent workout, doing what the title promised–working your core and your glutes. But it was not intense. It was not difficult or challenging even when done at the most advanced level. Beginner workout all the way. The workout consists of 4 rounds of 4 exercises; 2 glute exercises and 2 core exercises. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds w/ 15 seconds of recovery between each exercise. Each time you go through a round, Brett makes some of the exercises a little more challenging–but never advanced them to even intermediate level. This is a pretty basic workout all the way around. The 4th time through the circuit he says he is adding “spice” to moves–making them their most challenging. Below, I will note “spice” for any changes Brett adds to the 4th round. Equipment needed: various dumbbells.

  1. Figure 4 (one leg hip raise in bridge w/ one leg crossed over other knee and DB setting on your hip; I used a 15# DB) Spice: move faster.
  2. Superman Sit Ups (lay flat on ground, legs straight and holding DBs w/ straight arms toward the ceiling; roll up, keeping DBs raised to ceiling and legs straight, then roll back down; I used 8# DBs). Spice: one knee bent
  3. Butterfly Bridge (lay on back with legs in butterfly, soles of feet together and sides of feet on ground; press hips up and down). Spice: DBs on hips (I used 15# DB)
  4. Walking Plank (holding DBs get into straight arm plank; walk 4 steps forward and 4 steps back while in plank). Spice: add a renegade row to each “step.”

HIIT it with Weights is 27 minutes; 1:15 minute intro, 2:45 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. This is the second workout on the DVD (tho it is the 3rd one I did) and I like it a lot more that the others so far. Tho it is more intense it is still not HIIT level. As you can see from the title, dumbbells are used in this workout. However, the modifier uses no dumbbells. I used 15 and 20 pound dumbbells for this workout. It is made up of 5 exercises done for 4 rounds. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds with a 15 second recovery. Like the other workouts, it starts out slow so that the first round is more of an extended warm up and the 4th set is Brett’s “spice” round, the most intense of the 4 rounds. Tho my heart rate never peaked, it was actually a pretty decent metabolic strength workout. The final move uses no weights, but I used 2 pound hand weights to increase the intensity. Brett used 20 pound dumbbells, the female exerciser used 10 pound dumbbells and the modifier used no dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Front Loaded Squat (hold DBs at chest under chin) (15# DBs); spice round: add overhead press at top of move
  2. Renegade Rows (20# DBs); spice round: add 2 push ups after rowing on each side
  3. One arm row (get into deep lunge and opposite arm is leaning on front thigh) (one 20# DB); spice rounds: hold other arm out to side as you row
  4. Jack Knife (sit up holding one DB in both hands, as you sit up you lift one leg, reaching the DB toward toes; alternate legs) (one 15# DB); spice round: lift both legs
  5. Punches (jab, cross, jab, cross, bob and weave) (2# weights); spice round: replace bob and weave with step back and front

HIIT 30/30 is 26:30 minutes long; 1 minute intro; 2:30 minute warm up and 2 minutes stretch. This is the final workout I did on this DVD and it was a decent cardio workout. The most intense of the 4 workouts. Still not HIIT level but it did get my heart rate up. Brett went a little crazy himself during the spice round, doing plyometric push ups using both hands and feet at the same time. This is not what he told the viewers to do and not what his exercisers did. This was just Brett showing off, which he does frequently throughout all 4 workouts. That was a real HIIT for him, but the (safe) version for everyone else was not HIIT level. As the title states, the workout is composed of 5 exercises done for 4 rounds. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds of work alternated with 30 seconds of active recovery. Active recovery is usually skipping rope but sometimes it is punches. There is also a modifier doing an easier version of the exercises.

  1. 4 mountain climbers with a jump (burpee w/ 4 mountain climbers at the bottom); spice round: add a push up
  2. Alternating side lunges bringing elbow to opposite knee; spice round: add two punches in between the lunges
  3. Push up w/ salute (tap hand to opposite shoulder at top); spice: soldier plank between each push up (raising one arm and opposite leg)
  4. High knee runs; spice round: he adds direction changes as you run
  5. Swimmers (raise one arm and opposite hand); spice round: do it fast


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