40 Minute Rebounder Workout with Courtney

YouTube recommended this workout to me because I do so many rebounder workouts. This appears to be the only rebounder workout that this YouTube channel (Public Myth Activewear) has uploaded as of this posting but they have quite a few other types of workouts. I previewed it and I was intrigued. So I decided to try it. I rebound nearly every day. Usually at the end of my work day I will do a 30 minute Naomi Joy rebounder cardio workout. Sometimes I will do a SanFran Fitness rebounder workout or a Bellicon Home rebounder workout but 80% of the time I end my day with Naomi.

So, how did this compare to what I usually do? First the pros. I burned nearly 300 calories. That’s a good calorie burn considering the cardio portion of this workout is 30 minutes. So it was a very good cardio workout. I also liked the long cool down/stretch at the end. The cons. The music was too low. Reminded me of Barlates workouts–her music is a huge drawback for me. It is usually very low and rarely is it motivating or driving. The music in this workout sounded like it was better than Barlates music but it was hard to tell because it wasn’t very loud. And sure, I could turn it up but then the trainer’s voice would be too loud. The biggest con for me was the trainer’s cuing. In this workout she builds a combo that is relatively complex. Because of her cuing I frequently missed the first move then was hurrying to catch up. I was getting very frustrated. When she was not running through the combo her cuing was fine but when good cuing is needed, it wasn’t present.

I will not be returning to this workout. All of the afore mentioned rebounder trainers cue very well. Naomi always has excellent music that you can hear and Bellicon and SanFran Fitness usually have good driving music, too, that is at a good volume. Naomi almost always has excellent and thorough stretches at the end of her workouts.

40 Minute Rebounder Workout with Courtney is 39:47 minutes; 1 minute intro, 2:30 minute warm up and 6 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: rebounder and wrist weights. The warm up starts on the floor.

  1. Basic bounce reaching arms forward and pulling them back
  2. Jack legs, raising bent arms to sides when legs are wide and bringing elbows/forearms together in front of you when feet are together
  3. High knee run; changes to alternating front kick run
  4. Repeat #1
  5. Scissor runs; changes to doubles
  6. Repeat #3
  7. Basic bounce with legs wide and arms extended overhead
  8. High knee run with directional changes
  9. Repeat #1
  10. Jack the legs, reaching the arms forward and pulling them back in time with legs
  11. Double jack legs, extend arms out to sides in a T when legs are wide and bring hands together in prayer when legs are together
  12. Repeat #3; add pushing arms in front of you at shoulder level and pulling elbows back and out to sides while keeping arms at shoulder level
  13. High knee run
  14. Repeat #1 & 2
  15. Jumping jacks
  16. Single leg front kicks; changes to single leg side kicks
  17. Repeat #1
  18. Repeat #16 but for less reps
  19. Alternate one single leg front kick with one single leg side kick; continue this move but stop hop/tapping kicking foot to rebounder between kicks (when kicking you are now bounce/balancing on one leg)
  20. Repeat #10; changes to double jacking the legs
  21. High knee run
  22. Hip twist hops, elbows are raised to shoulder level and extended out to sides, elbows are bent and hands are together in front of chest
  23. With legs wide, continue hip twist hops but twist front to one side, hands move in opposition to hips; changes to 2 reps to each side, alternate sides
  24. High knee run
  25. Repeat the final version of #19
  26. Do one rep of #25 + one rep of #11
  27. Repeat #3
  28. Repeat #1
  29. Repeat #26
  30. Repeat #23 but only twisting to one side
  31. Repeat #26 + 4 reps of #23 to one side
  32. Butt kick runs
  33. Repeat #1
  34. Repeat #31 but only 2 reps of #23 to one side
  35. Repeat #30
  36. Repeat #32 facing side
  37. Repeat #34 & 36
  38. High knee run
  39. Repeat #37
  40. High knee run
  41. Repeat #37
  42. High knee run
  43. Repeat #1
  44. Repeat #37
  45. Double butt kick runs
  46. High knee runs
  47. Double hop high knee runs
  48. Repeat #37
  49. Repeat #45
  50. Repeat #47
  51. Repeat #1
  52. Repeat #10
  53. Cross jacks (crossing arms in front of you feet cross)
  54. Double hop cross jacks
  55. High knee run
  56. Repeat #37 + 45 + 47
  57. Hop forward and back (she calls it a standing crunch because you are tilting pelvis in when jumping forward); extend arms out to sides in a T then bring hands together in prayer in time with hopping
  58. (add wrist weights) Repeat #1 & 2
  59. Jack legs w/ goalpost chest fly arms
  60. Wide leg basic bounce, extend arms out to sides in a T, bend elbows bringing hands to chest (arms remain elevated at shoulder level)
  61. High knee run, pushing arms overhead
  62. Repeat #56 & 57
  63. High knee run
  64. Repeat #1
  65. High knee run
  66. Repeat #62
  67. Repeat #1
  68. Scissor runs
  69. Repeat #2
  70. Repeat #53
  71. Repeat #62
  72. Lateral ski hops, reach arms forward and pull them back in time with hopping; arms change to bicep curls in time with hops
  73. Repeat #62
  74. (remove wrist weights) Repeat #1
  75. Repeat #62
  76. Repeat #1
  77. High knee runs–2 reps with knees to front + 2 reps with knees open to sides
  78. Repeat #62
  79. Alternating wide heel dig hops
  80. Wide knee runs; bring hands behind head and bring elbow to knee when knee raises to side
  81. Repeat #62
  82. High knee run, hands behind head, bring elbow to knee when it raises
  83. Alternating front kick runs
  84. Repeat #1
  85. Repeat #10
  86. Double jacks, reaching arms forward and pulling them back
  87. Repeat #53
  88. Basic wide leg bounce, arms are extended to sides in a T, palms facing behind you, pulls hands/arms back
  89. High knee runs
  90. Repeat #1
  91. Repeat #62
  92. Repeat #1
  93. Repeat #10
  94. Repeat #1
  95. Repeat #62
  96. Repeat #1
  97. Repeat #5
  98. High knee run
  99. Basic bounce with arms extended overhead; open arms out to sides them bring them back overhead
  100. Repeat #3
  101. Repeat #1
  102. Repeat #10
  103. Alternating front kick runs
  104. High knee run
  105. High knee sprint
  106. Football runs (still doing high knee sprint but legs alternate wide to narrow)
  107. Continue high knee sprint but move forward and back with run (tire run)
  108. Repeat #105
  109. Repeat #1
  110. Repeat #10
  111. Repeat #53
  112. Lateral ski hops with bicep curl arms; arms change to raising out to sides to overhead then back down
  113. Cool down health bounce

For more info on other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page. For more rebounder workouts, check out my Rebounder Workout page.


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