The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Super Body Sculpt is part of The Firm‘s Body Sculpting System 1 series. This workout is led by Stephanie Huckabee (though her last name was Corley when this workout was created). Since I did not purchase any of the BSS1 workouts until after I already owned BSS2, I did not always get the original DVD version of the workouts. With this workout, there is at least two versions. The workout has 3 impendent parts: Upper Body, Lower Body and Abs. In the version I own, I do not have a menu to choose these segments independently (which you can in the original). The DVD version I own plays everything–Upper Body then Lower Body and finishes with Abs. However each segment has it’s own intro screen so if you know where each starts you can just fast forward to that segment. I will note that below in case you have the same version as I do.

I don’t think I ever did this workout. This was one I purchased then it sat on the shelf. I can probably blame that on Body Sculpt. Back in my Firm days I found Body Sculpt so difficult that when I saw this was similar I probably put off doing it then forgot about it. Now that I have done this workout, I found it excellent. I did it in two parts. I did Upper & Lower Body one day then finished another workout off with the Core segment another day. I also increased the weights I have been using for Firm strength workouts recently, so this workout really challenged me. It is several hours later and my arms and lower body are still burning–the good burn! And like most Firm workouts, the lower body portion really got my heart rate elevated so it doubles as cardio, too. Though the core section is 10 minutes you are really doing focused core work for only 6 minutes; the first 2 minutes is a core warm up and the last 2 minutes a stretch. But it is still a solid little core segment and finishes off this workout nicely. I used it to finish off a cardio workout, but in the future I will probably just do this entire 44:30 minute workout.

If you play all, this is a 45 minute total body strength workout, 35 minutes if you skip the Abs section. And Stephanie packs a lot into each short segment. But they work well alone, too. Each segment has its own warm up and stretch and they are all less than 20 minutes. So they are perfect to add onto the end of another workout or just do one segment when short on time. With the right weights, you will work all of your muscles very well.

Super Body Sculpt is 44:30 minutes; 2 minute intro. If you just do upper & lower body then it’s 34:30 minutes. Equipment: Fanny Lifter or high/square step that raises to 14 inches and dumbbells. Since Upper Body is the first workout, it begins right after the 2 minute intro. Lower Body starts at 18 minutes and Core starts at 34:30 minutes. There is a beginner modifier.

Upper Body: 18 minutes; 3 minute warm up, 11:30 strength training and 1:30 minute stretch.

Circuit 1: Fanny Lift or high step @ 14 inches and dumbbells

  1. Push ups w/ hands on step
  2. Bent over single arm back row (one 25# DB)
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Seated overhead press (10# DBs)

Circuit 2: Fanny Lift or step @ 14 inches and dumbbells

  1. Seated double arm back row (20# DBs)
  2. Standing French press (overhead tricep extensions) (one 20# DB)
  3. Seated tricep kickbacks (8# DBs)
  4. Seated straight arm front raise; changes to straight arm side raises (8# DBs)

Circuit 3: Fanny Lift or step @ 14 inches and dumbbells

  1. Seated hammer curls (14# DBs)
  2. Standing French press (overhead tricep extensions) (one 20# DB)
  3. Seated bicep curls (14# DBs)

Lower Body: 16:30 minutes; 3:30 minute warm up (step is at 6 inch step for warm up), 10 minute strength training and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: Fanny Lifter or step @ 14 inches and dumbbells.

Circuit 4: Fanny Lift or step @ 14 inches and dumbbells

  1. Hover squats (20# DBs)
  2. Leg press (12# DBs)
  3. Squats (20# DBs)

Circuit 5: 6 inch portion of Fanny Lifter/step and dumbbells (I used 15 pound dumbbells for this entire circuit)

  1. Alternating uneven squats (start standing on step and step squat to side); add a side leg lift after each squat
  2. Reverse lunge off step
  3. Combine 1 & 2
  4. Squats on floor; add a front kick after each squat, alternate sides
  5. Alternating 4 count lunge onto step; changes to alternating single count lunges onto step

Circuit 6: 6 inch portion of Fanny Lifter/step and dumbbells

  1. Wide plie squats (20# DBs)
  2. Reassemble Fanny Lifter to 14 inches and do leg press (12# DBs)
  3. Squats (20# DBs)

Core: 10 minutes; 2 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. Fanny Lifter or step is @ 14 inches, you also need a fitness mat

  1. Sit on step, legs wide, one arm behind head and other arm extended straight to side, bend torso to side, reaching straight arm toward the floor
  2. Lay on mat and place heels on top of step, hands behind head, do basic crunches; reach arms straight overhead w/ hands clasped and continue crunching; angle to the side when crunching; add pulses
  3. Reverse crunches; changes to bicycle legs; changes to reverse crunches again; add extending legs straight after reverse crunch
  4. Elbow plank hold

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