Cardio Bounce with Handlebar & Core Focus

Cardio Bounce with Handlebar & Core Focus is another rebounder workout from Skybound. I reviewed their other rebounder workout on YouTube back in May of 2020. It was one of my favorite rebounder workouts for a long time–until I discovered Naomi Joy. This workout and Cardio Bounce, Balance and Plyometrics are the only two workouts Skybound has created/uploaded to YouTube.

This workout is led by trainer Chelsea Rush. Back when I did Chelsea/Skybound’s workout in 2020, I found a rebounding streaming site, Bounce Society Fitness, that Chelsea was the co-founder of. But when I tried the link from my review of her other Skybound workout, it was a dead link. When I googled it, Bounce Society Fitness is apparently gone. Luckily we still have her two Skybound rebounder workouts on YouTube.

This workout was apparently created with the assumption that if you need a bar you need an easier workout, because this workout is easier than Cardio Bounce, Balance and Plyometrics. However, it is not easy or beginner level. You will still get a solid and fun rebounder workout. Though this is primarily a cardio workout, you get a little bit of everything: some lower body toning, some upper body toning and some core work. Plus, as already mentioned, it is lots of fun! Chelsea is a great trainer and the bouncing is set to a fast tempo.

There are two background exercisers. One shows easier variations of the exercises and the other shows more advanced variations. The one showing more advanced versions sometimes does arm movements, so she is not holding the bar. Chelsea sometimes does the arm movements but not nearly as frequently as the advanced exerciser. The easier modifier always holds the bar no matter what is being done. They all always do the exact same thing with their lower body. During the core work, Chelsea and the advanced exerciser do not hold the bar (unless they are doing pull ups). I did not hold the bar most of the workout and I followed the advanced exerciser. She is not actually doing “advanced” rebounding, she is just incorporating arm movements. There is some balance work in this workout when you are doing the lower body toning and I did hold onto the bar for that. According to my FitBit I burned 224 calories.

Cardio Bounce with Handlebar & Core Focus is 33:23 minutes; one minute intro, 3:30 minute warm up, 2:30 minute stretch followed by 4:45 minutes of core work. Equipment: a rebounder with a stability bar. The warm up is done on the floor in front of the rebounder so that you can use the bar.

  1. Stand on rebounder with hands on bar, do squats (no jumping)
  2. Remain in partial squat and do heel presses into the mat
  3. Wide leg basic bounce with hands on bar
  4. Continue basic bounce but with legs together
  5. Lateral ski hops; changes to double hops each side
  6. Alternate 4 wide leg basic bounces with 4 basic bounces with feet together; changes to 2 bounces in each position; raise arms to a T and bend elbows bringing hands to shoulders when legs are together and straightening elbows so arms are in a T when legs are wide; changes to single jacks with same arm movement
  7. Repeat #3
  8. Repeat #5; hops change to a pattern: single-single-double
  9. Repeat #3
  10. Scissor runs
  11. Alternating front kicks
  12. 4 scissor runs + 4 alternating front kicks, continue alternating these 2 moves
  13. Repeat #11
  14. Repeat #12
  15. Repeat #3
  16. Jack the legs
  17. Repeat #8
  18. Repeat #12
  19. Lateral ski hops to single-single-double pattern (the advanced exerciser is also doing arm movements–a “salsa” move where you alternate raising arms in time with hops)
  20. Repeat #12 followed by #19 several times
  21. High recovery bounces
  22. “Hikes”–3 regular high bounces (hands are on bar) + one high bounce trying to jump higher–torso hinges forward slightly over bar, backside raises higher and legs come forward toward bottom of bar
  23. Hip shift hop, alternate reaching arms to ceiling
  24. Repeat #3
  25. Jack the legs
  26. Keeping legs wide, hip twist bounces to one side
  27. Repeat #3
  28. Repeat #26 twisting to other side
  29. Jack the legs
  30. High recovery bounces
  31. Water break
  32. Stand beside rebounder facing it, place on foot on rebounder and one hand on bar for balance, do stationary/static lunges
  33. Same position as #32 but pulse down 3x at bottom of lunge then lift back leg off floor, so you are standing on one leg on rebounder doing a knee raise with back leg, step back into lunge w/ back foot on floor
  34. Stand on one leg on rebounder (one hand holding bar), hinge torso forward and raise other leg straight behind you, pulse leg up to ceiling; hold leg isometrically at top of lift (advanced option of removing hand from bar and extending arms along sides into airplane pose)
  35. Repeat #32-34 on other side of body
  36. Stand on one leg on rebounder, other knee is raised in front of you w/ knee bent, pulse bent leg upward
  37. High knee marches (no bouncing)
  38. Repeat #36 on other side of body
  39. Repeat #37
  40. High knee run with directional changes
  41. Repeat #12
  42. Repeat #19
  43. Repeat #3 while taking deep breaths and alternating raising one arm overhead with each deep breath
  44. Repeat #4
  45. Repeat #12
  46. Repeat #19
  47. High knee run
  48. Repeat #3
  49. Single leg knee raise hops, reach opposite arm to ceiling and bring elbow to knee when it raises (you are turned to side and other hand is holding the bar)
  50. Repeat #3
  51. Repeat #49 on other side of body
  52. Repeat #3
  53. Repeat #12
  54. Repeat #19
  55. Repeat #49
  56. Repeat #3
  57. Repeat #51
  58. High knee run
  59. High recovery bounces

@ 26 minutes into the workout you do a 2:30 minute stretch then start the Core Section.

  1. Sit on rebounder under bar, feet on floor and hands holding bar, torso is leaned back, lift hips off rebounder and do pull ups (the further away your feet are from the rebounder, the more weight you are pulling up)
  2. Sit on rebounder (still holding bar) and lean torso back, raise and lower bent legs, tapping toes on floor when you lower them
  3. Alternate #1 & 2, one rep of each
  4. Sit on rebounder (still holding bar) and lean torso back, raise both legs w/ knees bent, alternate lowering one leg and tapping toe to floor; keep both legs lifted and hold isometrically (they all release the bar so they are doing a bent leg boat pose)
  5. Lay on back on rebounder, hands hold rebounder frame above head, extend legs straight to ceiling, bend knees then extend legs straight in line with hips, bend knees and raise straight legs to ceiling again
  6. Still laying on back on rebounder, hands behind head, one leg is extended straight to ceiling, other leg is extended straight in line with hips, hold legs in this position, crunch pulse upper body; continue this move but swap leg position
  7. Still laying on back on rebounder, hands behind head, scissor straight leg
  8. Still laying on back on rebounder, hands behind head, legs are straight and extended to ceiling, do upper body crunches
  9. Lay back on rebounder and stretch arms overhead

For more info on other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page


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