20 MIN Abs & Booty Workout 🍑

20 Min Abs & Booty Workout is a body weight strength workout from Heather Robertson that works your core and lower body all on the mat–so no standing exercises. What that means is that this workout will not give you a big calorie burn but it will give your muscles a big burn! Today is the last day of my body weight week, so this morning I did Heather’s Day 2 Home Workout Challenge // Leg Workout (No Equipment), which I adore, and used this workout to finish my lower body off and give me some core work, too. This worked really well with that workout to give your lower body some extra burn.

This workout is made up of 2 circuits. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with no rest/recoveries–just one exercise after the other. You do get a 20 second rest between circuits (including when you repeat them). The first circuit is all abs and is it repeated. The second circuit is longer and it is not repeated; however you do all of the exercises on one leg then you repeat them all on the other leg. There is a timer in the lower right hand side of the screen, counting down each 30 second interval. When there is 10 seconds remaining in an interval, a video appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen, previewing the next exercise.

20 Min Abs & Booty Workout is 22:07 minutes; no warm up and 1:40 minute stretch. Equipment: fitness mat.

Circuit 1 (abs):

  1. Bent knee crunch (lay on back with legs raised and knees bent at 90 degrees, hands are behind head, crunch upper body and reach hands to ankles)
  2. Toe touches (lay on back, legs extended straight to ceiling and hands behind head, crunch upper body while reaching one hand to opposite foot, alternate sides)
  3. Leg drops (lay on back, legs extended straight to ceiling, hands under glutes and head/shoulders elevated, lower one straight leg until it is a few inches off the floor, alternate legs)
  4. Reverse crunch (lay on back with arms on mat at sides and hands beneath glutes, do one reverse crunch raising hips and pushing legs overhead then push legs out straight in line with hips)
  5. Penguin crunch (lay on back, knees bent and feet on mat, raise head/shoulders, alternate tapping hands to same side heels)
  6. V-sit & twist (sit on bottom, hands on mat behind hips, knees are bent and feet raised off floor, torso is leaned back slightly, lean torso back further while extending legs straight then return to start, each time you extend legs shift onto one hip, alternate sides)
  7. Single leg bicycle (lay on back with knees bent and feet on mat, both hands are behind head, bring one knee into chest while crunching upper body and bringing opposite elbow to knee, extend leg out straight while returning upper body to starting position)
  8. Repeat #7 on other side of body
  9. 20 second rest
  10. Repeat #1-8

20 second rest

Circuit 2 (lower body):

  1. Rear kickback (on hands and one knee, raise and lower other bent leg behind you, pushing sole of foot to ceiling)
  2. Kickback pulse (same position as #1, but keep leg raised at top of lift and pulse sole of foot up to ceiling)
  3. Rear leg lift (still on all 4s on mat, extend one leg straight behind you, raise and lower straight leg)
  4. Lift & pulse (lower to elbows, leg is still extended out straight behind you, raise leg to top of lift and pulse leg upward)
  5. Side kick (on hands and knees, extend one straight leg behind you, swing straight leg to side then swing it back behind you and tap toe to floor on other side of stationary leg)
  6. Frog pulse (still on hands and knees, raise bent leg to side in hydrant and keep it raised, pulsing it upward)
  7. Clam shell (lay on one hip and same side elbow/forearm, knees are bent and stacked, keeping insoles of feet together, open and close top knee)
  8. Side pulse (lay on side with legs extended straight, raise and lower top straight leg)
  9. Single leg bridge (lay on back on mat, one knee bent with foot close to glutes, other leg is raised to ceiling, raise and lower hips)
  10. Bridge & leg drop (hips are raised in bridge from #9, hands are on mat at sides, elevate and extend one leg straight, while keeping hips raised the entire interval, raise straight leg to ceiling then lower it)
  11. 20 second rest
  12. Repeat #1-10 on other leg

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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