Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled

extremeoy R&CJari Love‘s newest offering Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled was one of my Christmas presents. I am a big fan of Jari Love. HIIT and metabolic weight training are all the rage now, but she was doing both before they become popular. She was one of the forerunners of the most effective and advanced training methods around. She is also one of the forerunners for producing the most advanced workouts you can purchase on DVD. For the most part I do love all of her workouts (though there are a few that are just “ok”). Though there is a similarity to her workouts, they are all also varied in some way so you get something new and different with each workout. However, they are all high rep/endurance strength workouts. She also has certain subtypes of workouts. She has her early Get Ripped workouts which are generally high rep isolation strength workouts. Then she moved into the more focused metabolic weight training with compound strength moves, then she started adding cardio bursts/HIITs in circuit form. Then she has her two Get Chiseled workouts. I love them both. They are high rep/endurance level workouts, but the focus for these is supersetting muscle groups to failure. Now, Jari tends to do this naturally in all her workouts–that is, working a muscle group to failure, but in her Get Chiseled workouts she hits them harder than ever. I adore the original Get Ripped & Chiseled; it is a very tough, very effective workout (which I hope to be reviewing soon). Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled builds on the same concept but she really mixes things up in this one and I love it.

What is different about this one is that she uses different exercises, but also that she splits the workout up. This is something she has started doing in her more recent workouts; you can do two shorter workouts (usually around 45 minutes) or the full workout (70+ minutes usually). With Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled she went a step further. She separated the parts in to upper and lower body. So you can work upper one day and lower the next–or do a brutal total body workout. Now let me start by saying I love this workout. I think it is well done and well put together. But I do have a few nitpicks. They are very minor, but I really think had they been done the workouts would be even better.

First, it is supposed to be upper and lower body… but that isn’t entirely accurate. The first workout starts out as lower body, but by exercise 5 you are doing a compound exercise that incorporates upper and lower body, then the last 3 exercises in this “lower body” workout are all upper body! Now, I will say that she does keep muscle groups separate at least. The last 4 exercises in “lower body” work the chest and back and the “upper body” workout focuses on the shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs. Still–lets get it right. One of them isn’t really a “lower body” workout–it is lower body, chest and back.

The second nitpick is the use of the step. Now, a step isn’t necessary for this workout but it is used throughout. There is modifier (Laurie) who doesn’t use the step in the lower body exercises of the first workout, so you can always do what she is doing if you don’t have a step. However, when the step is used, you get no warning. The exercise opens with a close up of Jari who is explaining the exercise as the camera pans out, but by the time you see the step, it is seconds away from the exercise actually starting! Give us some warning! In addition, you get the blurb telling you the name of the exercises you are getting ready to do, then 15 or so seconds later you get the blurb telling you what weight they are using. Now, she has improved on this second blurb by specifying that if they are using two dumbbells that the number indicates each hand (whereas you couldn’t tell in previous workouts if it was the total poundage of both dumbbells or just one)–but in this workout by the time you see the blurb the exercise has already started.

And that’s it. Nothing major, still a great workout, but fixing those minor things would make it even better. Jari as always looks great and very muscular. She has a crew of 4 other women, all of whom have been in other workouts. Laurie is in all of Jari’s DVDs and she looks great as always. Another woman that is in most of Jari’s later workouts is Leslie. She leads a few of the exercises in this workout and OMG. This woman is ripped. She is amazing. She looks like she does fitness competitions. She has veins popping out. Very little body fat. I have a hard time believing Jari’s workouts alone, as effective as they are, got her that body. I think she does some heavier lifting in addition to Jari’s brand of strength training.

In Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled you will need a selection of dumbbells. Keep in mind it is high rep, so you cannot go super heavy. The heaviest weight I used was 15 pounds and that was for deadlifts (significantly lighter than I generally use for deadlifts). I used 12, 10, 8 and 5 pounds dumbbells. You will also need a step at 8 inches. If you don’t have a step you can use use a chair for the upper body exercises in which you sit on the step. Laurie does modifications for most exercises and sometimes Jari and/or Leslie is doing the modification, too. Let me clarify what a modification is. It is not necessarily easier. It can be a modification if you don’t have a step, or a low impact modification (yes, there is some plyometrics), or an advanced modification that makes a move even more challenging. So the modifications are all over the board. And finally, Jari is still using her timer in the bottom left hand side of the screen. The timer appears where there is only 30 seconds left of an exercise, so if you are starting to fail it can possibly give you that second wind to push through till the end.

As mentioned previously, this workout can be done 2 ways–either as a total body workout that is 79 minutes long or as two shorter workouts. One called Lower Body (which is actually lower body, back and chest) that is 47 minutes long and one that is called Upper Body (shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs) which is 44 minutes long. All of the workouts use the same warm up and stretch. The warm up is 5 minutes and the stretch is another 5 minutes. The training time for the total body workout is 69 minutes, training time for Lower Body workout is 36 minutes and the training time for the Upper Body workout is 33 minutes.

Here is the break down. I am numbering the exercises 1-15, but the “Lower Body” workout ends with #8 and the “Upper Body” workout begins with #9.

1. Squats. No equipment or dumbbells are used for these. You squat and place your forearms on your thighs and never straighten–you are squatting with tension always in the lower body. You do a lot of reps and she varies the tempo a lot. Laurie modifies by doing traditional squats with dumbbells. I found this exercise rather deceiving. It was pretty easy for me and didn’t fatigue my muscles so I was thinking this workout was going to be easier than her others–then you do exercise #2 and that preconception was blown out of the water. Everything else after this exercise was challenging and painful! So I look at this as just an extension of the warm up.

2. Jumping Plie Squats and Lunges. Again, no equipment is needed. You do plie jump squats alternated with lunges. A lot of reps. I was seriously feeling it by the end. Laurie does a variation with dumbbells and no jumping.

3. Deadlifts. You need two sets of dumbbells for these. A heavy set and a lighter set. The lighter set is on the floor and you use it to raise your heels and your toes. You will do a long set of deadlifts with heels raised, then a long set with toes raised, then more deadlifts with heels raised again. She varies the tempo of the deadlifts to keep things interesting but you do a lot of reps.

4. Side Squats and Curtsey Lunges. You need the step at 8 inches in the vertical position for these and no dumbbells. Laurie does a variation with dumbbells and no step.

5. Single Arm Row with Glute Lift. Leslie leads this one and you need one dumbbell. You will be on all 4s for this one. Jari does a variation with no glute lift.

6. Seated Rows. Leslie leads this one, too. You sit on the step (still in the vertical position) and do back rows. She varies tempo and the the angle of the dumbbells throughout. There are a lot of reps. I used 12 pound dumbbells and it really burned my arms and back out. Jari does a variation on her knees (no step).

7. Decline Push Ups. 4 sets of 12 reps. This is done with toes on the step. Jari does a variation on her knees, but her knees are on the step.

8. Chest Press. Lay on the bench and use dumbbells. A lot of reps and varying tempos.

(This is where “Lower Body” workout ends)

9. Tricep Push ups and Overhead Tricep Extensions. You do two different kinds of tricep push ups. One armed tricep push ups where you are laying on your side then tricep push ups on your toes or knees with both palms on the floor. Then you use one heavy dumbbell to do overhead tricep extensions.

10. Seated Shoulder Press. You need dumbbells. You sit on the step and do many, many reps all with varying tempos. Between sets you “recover” by doing V-sits.

11. Anterior Raises. A lot of reps with a light dumbbell and varying tempos.

12. Reverse Flys and Lateral Raises. You need light dumbbells. You do the reverse flys standing and the lateral raises sitting on the bench.

13. Seated Bicep Curls. You need moderate dumbbells and you sit on the bench. Many reps and varying tempos.

14. Hammer Curls. These are done standing. Jari lowers her weights but I kept the same dumbbells I used for exercise #11. Lots of reps and varying tempos.

15. The workout ends with 5 minutes of challenging ab work led by Laurie. You will need a light dumbbell.


3 thoughts on “Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled

    1. You’re welcome! I bought some of Jari’s newer workouts several years ago and still haven’t tried them. I don’t know why. But you you made me think of them so I am going to move them higher up on my To Do list.


      1. Glad to help! 🙂
        I acquired 4 of the extremely Ripped dvds from someone needing to raise money for medical bills. Revved, 1000 Hardcore, Bootcamp, and Lean machine – should be here this week. I had not been interested in these dark sets and was afraid the extremes would be too hard. But, I did some of the YouTube workouts she posted last year and think they’ll be similar. Your reviews convinced me it was a good buy. I do have Ripped in 6 and really like it. Happy new year and belated birthday!

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