Popsugar: 20 Minute 200 Calorie Blaster

Another great little workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer. So far I've enjoyed every little Popsugar workout I've done. And the best part? They are all FREE! As usual, I used 20 Minute 200 Calorie Blaster as an add-on/finisher workout. I was already pretty wore out after the Cathe Live workout I had just completed--Total … Continue reading Popsugar: 20 Minute 200 Calorie Blaster

Kettlebell Dynamics

Kettlebell Dynamics is an interesting collection of kettlebell combos. I'm not really sure what to think about it. Amy Bento is a new-to-me trainer who I have, so far, really liked. This workout however, is rather humdrum. I'm a little worried now, too. I loved her two pure strength training workouts so much (Slo-Mo Strength … Continue reading Kettlebell Dynamics