URX-MT: Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals

Workout #5: Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals is rebounder workout led by trainer Greg Sims and it is part of the URX-MT fitness program. This was a deceptive workout. The first 4 minutes of this workout is push ups. FOUR MINUTES. That is the harbinger that this will not be an easy workout. But then … Continue reading URX-MT: Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals

Barlates: Bounce Express

Bounce Express is a collection of five 16 minute workouts plus a warm up and a cool down/stretch from Linda @ Barlates. All of the workouts are done on the rebounder. There are no premixes on the DVD, so it is for you to pick and choose which workouts you want to do. All of … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Express

Xtend Barre

Unlike many other streaming sites, Openfit did not offer anything special when shelter in place became a thing. I was pretty disappointed because of all the streaming sites out there, I was most interested in sampling Openfit due to its Xtend Barre workouts. All it offered was its normal 14 day free trial. I almost … Continue reading Xtend Barre

URX-MT: Boot Camp Metabolic Interval

Boot Camp Metabolic Interval is workout #4 in the URX-MT fitness program. It is led by trainer Amy Bento. Amy Bento has always been a mixed bag for me. I really like some of her workouts and others, not so much. This one falls in the not so much category. There are two main reasons. … Continue reading URX-MT: Boot Camp Metabolic Interval

Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt Lower

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt Lower is another workout In Linda @ Barlates collection of rebounder workouts. This is the second lower body focused workout in her Bounce Series. This one does hit the lower body more intensely than Cardio Sculpt did. This is a cardio + strength circuit workout. You do 3 cardio circuits and 3 … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt Lower

Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt is another fun rebounder workout from Linda @ Barlates. This one is not as intense as some of Linda's other rebounder workouts that I've done but it is still a solid and effective workout. Today is my yoga/flexibility/mobility day and I always like to do a short workout beforehand to warm … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt

URX-MT: Metabolic Intervals and Circuits

URX-MT stands for Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training. I actually bought the entire series as a program. The program is made up of 13 workouts but you can buy each workout individually on the Urban Rebounder site, so that is how I will be reviewing them. The program apparently originally came with more than just … Continue reading URX-MT: Metabolic Intervals and Circuits

Signature Series Vol 1

Signature Series Volume 1 is one of Tracie Long's new workouts. I meant to get to it a lot sooner but it didn't ship when she had initially said it would and by the time it finally shipped, I was in the midst of my 2 months of Cathe Live. But that is over now … Continue reading Signature Series Vol 1

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Light Total Body

#210 Fit Tower Light Total Body is another tough live workout using Cathe's Fit Tower. I had initially planned to do all of the Live Fit Tower workouts but then was warned that this one had no back work so I probably wouldn't be interested in it. I agreed and took it off my "to do" list. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Light Total Body

Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

This is the final DVD in Tracie Long's Core Movements series. This DVD contains Volume 5: Push Back and Volume 6: Bottoms Up. Before I get to information on these specific workouts, I have to discuss the actual physical DVD. I ordered the Core Movements series through Tracie Long's website. When I received them, the 3 … Continue reading Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6