Daily Burn: Mini Burns

In the past month life has changed for everyone in the world due to COVID-19. Most people are all experiencing social distancing and shelter in place orders. Many people are bearing the brunt of this horrible virus by losing loved ones, being ill themselves or losing their job and income. Some of us are fortunate … Continue reading Daily Burn: Mini Burns

GymRa: Tabata Extreme

GymRa is an online personal training subscription type thing. It costs $4.99 a month but they also have a lot of free workout videos on YouTube. I liked the titles of many of them and, after previewing several of the workouts, I decided to give them a try. The first one I tried was Tabata … Continue reading GymRa: Tabata Extreme

Cathe Live: PHA Training

This is the first Cathe Live workout I did and I love it! What a great workout and the live aspect of it really mixed things up. This is a great total body metabolic strength workout. I own all of Cathe's DVDs and I honestly don't think she has any DVDs out there┬áthat are like … Continue reading Cathe Live: PHA Training