✨Glow Up 2.0 // Day 2: Core & Booty Bootcamp

Core & Booty Bootcamp is Day 2 in Heather Robertson's one week Glow Up 2.0 Challenge. This is a surprisingly tough workout. Specifically the first circuit. The first circuit is plank based and will work your core and lower body, but also your shoulders. I had just finished Glow Up 2.0 Day 1: Total Body … Continue reading ✨Glow Up 2.0 // Day 2: Core & Booty Bootcamp

Cathe Live: Cardio Core Blast

Cardio Core Blast is another excellent cardio workout in the tradition of Cathe's DVD Cardio Core Circuit (the other Live workout based on CCC is also called Cardio Core Circuit). Though set up in the same manner as the other two, it is different from both and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I love how Cathe … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Core Blast