Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training is another little collection by Mark Lauren. After doing (and loving) EFX, YAYOG and Mobility RX, I couldn't resist. This one, however, appears to only be featured on Amazon. Mark's website doesn't mention it or offer it. A little odd. But that didn't stop me from buying it! These workouts are based on his … Continue reading Bodyweight Training

You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG)

After doing Mark Lauren's EFX and reading his books (You Are Your Own Gym and Body By You), I had to get the rest of his DVDs. This series/program is based on his book with the same title: You Are Your Own Gym or YAYOG for short (he also has an app based on his … Continue reading You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG)

Mobility RX

Mobility RX is Mark Lauren's newest body weight training workout. The tag for it is "Dynamic flexibility. Postural strength. Move with ease. Live pain free." What does that mean for these workouts? First, they are different from his others that I have done, but no less challenging. I would equate them to painful physical therapy. The exercises … Continue reading Mobility RX

EFX: Postural Bodyweight Training

EFX was created by the master of bodyweight training Mark Lauren. I first discovered him when my daughter started college. She was a home workout buff like her mother and was was worried about how she would manage in college since she doesn't care for the gym environment. One of the many things I got her to help … Continue reading EFX: Postural Bodyweight Training