Low Impact HIIT // No Repeats Workout

Low Impact HIIT // No Repeats Workout is a short but fun total body workout from Heather Robertson. As the title promises there is no jumping in this workout. I think this is another one of her "premix" workouts--where she takes a longer workout and edits it into something new, shorter and fun. I do … Continue reading Low Impact HIIT // No Repeats Workout


CoffeyFit Raw: Boxing

***Update: Kelly has removed all of the Raw workouts lI reviewed from YouTube. I am sure they are still available on her Raw streaming site but that is not free.*** CoffeyFit Raw: Boxing is another free YouTube workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer. I really like this workout for a lot of reasons. First let me describe … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: Boxing

ICE: Low Impact Sweat

Low Impact Sweat is part of Cathe's ICE fitness program (Intermediate Conditioning Extreme). It is the first workout I have done from this series and my first impression is--intermediate? Really? This was very challenging! I got an excellent workout! Here is what I can guess is intermediate about this workout--when she used dumbbells to increase … Continue reading ICE: Low Impact Sweat