Cathe’s Muscle Endurance

Just like Bootcamp, I am updating and rewriting the Muscle Endurance review. It was the second review I wrote for this blog (posted 4/20/12) and like I mentioned in the new Bootcamp review, I knew what I wanted, but I clearly hadn’t achieved it in those two reviews. However, I am leaving them up--so if … Continue reading Cathe’s Muscle Endurance

Cathe’s Lower Body Blast

Lower Body Blast is an amazing lower body strength workout by Cathe. Not sure exactly how to classify it. Obviously strength, but maybe strength + cardio? The warm up is actually a cardio step routine and then throughout the floor work (which makes up the majority of the workout) there are “blasts”--plyometric cardio drills. In … Continue reading Cathe’s Lower Body Blast

Cathe’s To the Max

Cathe’s newest To the Max is another super intense workout. Her other new one is Crossfire, which I’ve already reviewed (and is my current favorite cardio workout). To the Max doesn’t displace Crossfire as my favorite, but I do love it. I’m not entirely sure whether it is supposed to be a cardio workout that … Continue reading Cathe’s To the Max