Cathe Live: Fit Tower Inferno

#224 Fit Tower Inferno is another excellent and intense total body strength workout using the Fit Tower. These workouts specifically (the Live Fit Tower workouts) are why I resubscribed to Cathe Live for a few months--to try them out and see if I wanted to purchase the downloads. Well, this one is gong to the … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Inferno

Cathe Live: Total Body Giant Sets 2

#214 Total Body Giant Sets 2 is an incredibly intense, total body metabolic strength workout. Another Cathe Live winner! I was working very hard. I burned more calories doing this workout than I burned I doing In the Ring yesterday! (According to my FitBit.) Plus, I was in my peak heart rate a few times … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Giant Sets 2

Cathe Live: In the Ring

#243 In the Ring is another fun cardio kickboxing class from Cathe Live. I always enjoy Cathe's cardio kickboxing workouts and this one is no exception. It is shorter than most (only 41 minutes) but it is intense. It is a high impact workout and no modifications are shown--not by Cathe and I did not … Continue reading Cathe Live: In the Ring

Cathe Live: PHA 2020

#278 PHA 2020 is awesome!!!! I love Cathe's PHA workouts and this one is another winner. I am definitely buying this one. This workout is based on her Step Boss: PHA 3 workout but I like this one tons better. Not just because it is easier (it is) but I feel like it does a … Continue reading Cathe Live: PHA 2020

Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core

#255 Kickboxing Plus Core is another excellent live cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe. Cathe did a great job in this workout of giving you cardio and conditioning. The punch drills at the heavy bags were pretty intense and really fatigued my arms and shoulders. And I don't own a heavy bag! I was just wearing … Continue reading Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core

Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

This is the final DVD in Tracie Long's Core Movements series. This DVD contains Volume 5: Push Back and Volume 6: Bottoms Up. Before I get to information on these specific workouts, I have to discuss the actual physical DVD. I ordered the Core Movements series through Tracie Long's website. When I received them, the 3 … Continue reading Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Live

#160 Fit Tower Live is apparently a road trip workout and it is a full house--there are tons of exercisers! I think Cathe said 106 people. This is a Live version of her Fit Tower Bootcamp DVD, which I like much better than this. In fact, I didn't like this workout at all--it was too busy … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Live

Cathe Live: Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing

#272 Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing is a fun live cardio kickboxing workout. I really enjoyed it. Not sure if I am going to buy the download but I might. In this workout we get some eye candy! Cathe even introduces him. His name is Nate and he is in the back of the class … Continue reading Cathe Live: Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing

Core Movements: Volume 3 & 4

Just like Volume 1 & 2 in Tracie Long's Core Movements series, Volumes 3 & 4 are functional strength, mobility and core work along with deep and intense stretching. I really love this series and never expected to! Just like in Volume 1 & 2, the first workout on the DVD, Volume 3: Bottom Line, … Continue reading Core Movements: Volume 3 & 4

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Tone & Tighten

I have been away from Cathe Live for a long time. I did plan to return sooner than this but life got in the way. But then Cathe started selling downloads of her live workouts. I bought my absolute favorites and also did some perusing of the 100+ she has created since I was last … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Tone & Tighten