Cathe Live: Low Impact Cardio HIIT

Low Impact Cardio HIIT is a short but intense and effective cardio workout from Cathe Live. I really enjoyed this workout. Cathe put together some of my favorite low impact exercises in this workout. I feel like I got an excellent workout. The only equipment needed is set of light dumbbells. Cathe uses 5 pound … Continue reading Cathe Live: Low Impact Cardio HIIT

Cathe Live: Body Works

Body Works is an interesting Cathe Live workout. I did like it, but I have noticed something about the most recent Live workouts I've been doing. They are not terribly intense. They seem to be more intermediate level workouts. I do enjoy them and I am still getting good workouts but I don't feel like … Continue reading Cathe Live: Body Works

Cathe Live: Rock Body Boot Camp

Another bootcamp workout from Cathe Live! I really enjoyed this workout but it definitely was not her most intense. I did use it for a metabolic cardio day workout but even the cardio/metabolic aspect wasn't super intense. But it was still a good workout and worked well for a Sunday when I normally try to … Continue reading Cathe Live: Rock Body Boot Camp

Cathe Live: Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core

Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core is another fun, effective and excellent workout that is unique to Cathe Live. You get it all in this workout: cardio, barre, core and total body strength training. Now, I will say it isn't the most thorough strength training workout and, because of the brisk pace, you cannot lift … Continue reading Cathe Live: Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core

Cathe Live: Body Blast Boot Camp

Body Blast Boot Camp appears to be based on the Strong & Sweaty series Boot Camp workout. That is an excellent bootcamp workout and so is this one. It is intense and fun. I like to use these bootcamp workouts more as metabolic cardio workouts rather than strength training, so I used the same weight … Continue reading Cathe Live: Body Blast Boot Camp

Cathe Live: Keep the Cardio Coming

Keep the Cardio Coming is an intense all cardio workout. And for a Cathe Live cardio workout, it is long. It is even long for Cathe's more current DVD cardio workouts! Cathe used to do lots of hour long DVD cardio workouts (some even longer than an hour--Maximum Intensity Cardio), but those days are over unless … Continue reading Cathe Live: Keep the Cardio Coming

Cathe Live: Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball

Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball is another excellent upper body strength workout from Cathe Live. There are so many things I love about Cathe Live but her upper body muscle split workouts are one of the major bonuses. She works the entire upper body in this workout and works it well. I feel like no … Continue reading Cathe Live: Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball

Cathe Live: Smokin’ Lower Body

Smokin' Lower Body is an excellent and tough lower body workout. It worked me hard. Very fast paced so I was breathing hard, sweating hard and my Fitbit said I was in my peak heart rate a few times. And I still feel it in my glutes! Lots of deadlifts, which I love, so bonus. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Smokin’ Lower Body

Cathe Live: Kick Punch Cardio

Kick Punch Cardio is another cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe Live--and she has a lot of them! This is another very good one but nothing really makes it stand out from all of the others. Except for a long and intense kick combo about halfway through the workout. I really enjoyed that. The combo was pretty intense and … Continue reading Cathe Live: Kick Punch Cardio

Cathe Live: Chiseled Legs & Abs

Chiseled Legs & Abs is another great lower body workout from Cathe Live with a very long core section. Though I did enjoy it, it wasn't my favorite lower body workout Cathe has created. Because I did it on a Saturday, I finished it off with Xtrain: Legs floor work + stretch--so an additional 17 … Continue reading Cathe Live: Chiseled Legs & Abs