The Firm: Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt is part of The Firm's Body Sculpting System 1 and is led by Jennifer Carman. I did not remember this workout until I did it this morning--and then wow! I definitely remembered it! I hated this workout back in the day--I remember finding it too hard and struggling to get through it! Even … Continue reading The Firm: Body Sculpt

Fit Split

Fit Split is Cathe's newest fitness program, similar to her 4 Day Split and Cross Train Express programs. Fit Split contains 4 workouts. Each workout is part cardio, part strength. It also contains a bonus core workout and lots of premixes so you can approach these workouts in different ways. The workouts are not sold … Continue reading Fit Split

30 Minutes to Fitness: Build & Burn

Build & Burn is a fitness program from Kelly Coffey-Meyer. It contains 5 workouts that are all just under 30 minutes. There is no calendar but the idea is to start at workout 1 and do one workout a day. She also includes a week long menu and each meal is interchangeable. It doesn't give macro/nutrient or calorie … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Build & Burn

Cathe Workout Blender

This review is a little different from many of my other reviews. First let me explain what Workout Blender is, for people who don't know. For $19.97 a month you can join Cathe's On Demand streaming service. What this entails is access to every single Cathe workout that is available on DVD--all ready to stream … Continue reading Cathe Workout Blender

Strong & Sweaty: PHA Training

Of all of Cathe's new workouts in the Strong & Sweaty Series I was most excited about this one (with Total Body Giant Sets a close second). First let me explain what PHA Training is. It stands for Peripheral Heart Action Training. Cathe defines it as: "You'll alternate from lower body to upper body with … Continue reading Strong & Sweaty: PHA Training

Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body

I was very excited about Ramped Up Upper Body (actually, I am excited about all of the Strong & Sweaty workouts for various reasons). When I do splits I prefer full splits--as in upper body and lower body. Cathe rarely does that on DVD. She does lots and lots of lower body workouts, but her … Continue reading Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body

Strong & Sweaty: Total Body Giant Sets

I was pretty excited about Cathe's latest workout releases since she did similar Cathe Live workouts. At least, judging from the titles. And I love those particular Live workouts. On 6/30/16 she did a Live workout titled Total Body Giant Sets. Yep--the exact same title as this DVD. I adore the live Total Body Giant … Continue reading Strong & Sweaty: Total Body Giant Sets

30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Design

Kelly Coffey-Meyer recently created two new DVDs in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series: Body Design and Meltdown. Body Design is a whole new approach to her 30 minute workouts and I love it. Rather than two 30 minute workouts and a bunch of premixes like Kelly's other DVDs contain, this DVD contains six segments … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Design

Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back is another Tracey Mallett workout. The theme of this workout is to "lose the baby fat"--but trust me, this workout is not just for new moms. This workout is excellent for anyone. There are a lot of ways you can approach this workout. If you are new to exercise for any … Continue reading Get Your Body Back

Get Ripped Express

Jari Love is pretty much an auto-buy for me, even tho I do not do her workouts as often as I used to. I still hoard them all and return to them from time to time (even tho I always have big plans to do them more frequently when I buy them--but I just naturally … Continue reading Get Ripped Express