Barlates: Bounce Series/Barre

Bounce Series: Barre is a cardio + strength workout from Linda @ Barlates. The strength is barre-style exercises and the cardio is, of course, rebounder bouncing. This was a tough and relatively thorough workout. Of course, Linda burns the lower body out hard. For this workout, Linda has the T bar attached to her rebounder. … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Series/Barre

Barlates: Bounce Total Body

Bounce Total Body is a series of 4 rebounder workouts from Linda @ Barlates. Unlike many of Linda's other workouts, these are not available for free on YouTube. You can purchase the DVD that contains all 4 workouts, which is what I did, or you can purchase the individual workouts via download from Linda's website. Despite … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Total Body

Xtend Barre

Unlike many other streaming sites, Openfit did not offer anything special when shelter in place became a thing. I was pretty disappointed because of all the streaming sites out there, I was most interested in sampling Openfit due to its Xtend Barre workouts. All it offered was its normal 14 day free trial. I almost … Continue reading Xtend Barre

Cathe Live: Lower Body Barre and Weights

#239 Lower Body Barre and Weights is an incredibly intense, incredibly thorough and incredibly comprehensive lower body workout. It was also brutal. My legs were very fatigued well before the workout was over and right now, an hour later (when I first record my thoughts) they feel weak and are still humming. And currently, when … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lower Body Barre and Weights

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Bootcamp

#268 Fit Tower Bootcamp is awesome! I LOVE this workout! It has everything. It is a total body cardio + strength workout and Cathe manages to work every single muscle in your body through compound moves. I love bootcamp workouts but my biggest complaint is that they always seem to neglect certain muscle groups or hit … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Bootcamp

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Cardio Legs

#167 Fit Tower Cardio Legs is another excellent Fit Tower workout. I wasn't feeling 100% when I came to this workout this morning (its been a rough weekend) but I still gave it 100% and got an excellent workout that really wore me out and worked my lower body hard. I had some serious muscle … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Cardio Legs

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Light Total Body

#210 Fit Tower Light Total Body is another tough live workout using Cathe's Fit Tower. I had initially planned to do all of the Live Fit Tower workouts but then was warned that this one had no back work so I probably wouldn't be interested in it. I agreed and took it off my "to do" list. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Light Total Body

Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre

#197 Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre is an intense cardio workout. Though "barre" is in the title, you are not doing any real barre work. The barre (or chair back) is more of a balance assist for the last 8:30 minutes of the workout--which is just more intense cardio. The warm up is all low … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Total Body with Weights

#171 Fit Tower Total Body with Weights is yet another excellent total body strength workout from Cathe Live using her Fit Tower. I love how that tower works my back! This is another workout that you can only substitute a chair for some of the moves. In order to get the full value of the … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Total Body with Weights

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Inferno

#224 Fit Tower Inferno is another excellent and intense total body strength workout using the Fit Tower. These workouts specifically (the Live Fit Tower workouts) are why I resubscribed to Cathe Live for a few months--to try them out and see if I wanted to purchase the downloads. Well, this one is gong to the … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Inferno